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Room Spray's

Room Spray’s

For Father’s Day I thought that I would create a fun and very easy product that is great for dads everywhere. I’m going to show you an easy way to make Room Sprays! We don’t want our rooms, homes, or even the car, to smell like we haven’t taken the trash out for a week. Dear Readers; show your dads, husbands, grand dads, uncles, sons, and yes even ourselves, that every place we are the odor can be fabulous.

Containers, I like to use are the Trigger Spray Bottles, however, any bottle with a spray head will work.
Polysorbate 80
Fragrance oil or Essential oil of choice

5 ml of Polysorbate 80
5 ml of any Fragrance or Essential Oil of choice
Color (optional) Use the colors that are listed as Recommended vehicle for dispersing: water.

Using the 12 oz Trigger Spray Bottle add Polysorbate 80 and fragrance; shake or swirl the container to mix these items together, this will only fill the very bottom of the container (very small amount). Then add warm water until container is filled, leave a little extra headspace for the trigger mechanism. I have added a tiny amount of Purple Raspberry color. Spray lightly on most fabrics or carpets. Do not spray on hard surfaces where it can become slippery. Another great idea is to spray on to a hand towel or paper towel then place behind a couch. That’s it! How simple is that?

Dads and people everywhere can unite against foul odors!


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8 thoughts on “Father’s Day – Men’s Products

  • Janet Schreiner

    I just happen to have a full bottle of polysorbate 80. The sad part is I can’t even remember why I ordered it. Well guess what I am making right now….hehehehe.
    Thanks Tonya, this is something I can use again and again.
    Janet Schreiner

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    • Tonya Post author

      You ordered it for this reason, but be careful this will be your top requested item from all your friends and family. I have been making these for years and all through elementary school I had teachers of all grades telling me how much they love the roomspray! This was a hint to bring them more. Quick, easy and fun gifts to make, I like that!

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    • Tina

      Sharon, Good point. If the water contains items that provide food then it will certainly grow. Maybe it is our water or the nature of a fragrance/essential oil, but we have not seen growth in our mixtures. When concerned, or testing shows it necessary, a preservative is always a good idea.

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  • LuAnn

    I have made something similar before, with polysorbate 20, but it stayed very white and cloudy. Is there anything else that will act as an emulsifier, but stay clear, like for a body spray? Thanks!

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    • Tina

      In water the polysorbates will cause the mixture to cloud. You can try mixing the fragrance with the polysorbate and heating to provide a complete emulsification before adding to water. This may help clear a bit. Otherwise the carriers will need to be alcohol or cyclomethicone.


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  • Kam

    Room sprays are always wonderful to have. This also sounds like a great project for my kids. Thanks

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