Storing Decoctions

We have covered this week how to make decoctions, how to use decoctions, and now I would like to cover Storing Decoctions. 

You may have noticed, like I did when making the mushroom decoction that I had to keep adding in additional water to accomodate the ever expanding mushrooms. So what happened is that I ended up with some extra liquid that I would like to use in the future.

When making decoctions please remember that you will want to use your decoctions within a day or two if kept refrigerated. You will want to use your decoctions at their freshest. Any leftover decoctions that you want to save for a later day can be placed into a zipper bag, or other container, and kept in the freezer.  Another idea would be to pour your decoctions into ice cube trays, freeze, remove frozen cubes and place into a bag. This would make it easier to measure the exact proportions for future uses. Be sure to label your bags with the date and contents of each bag.

Happy Decoction Making!

Storing Leftover Decoction

Storing Leftover Decoction









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