Bottles must go! 12

16 oz bottle, on the right

16 oz bottle, on the right

We have some 16 fl ounce bottles that are a size 24. These are HDPE and a bullet shaped bottle. The bottle height from foot to base of the neck is 7-1/4 inches. We have many cases of these bottles and our construction project for our work area is about to begin. These cases must be moved or the bottles will be sent to the recycler. Here is the deal. We will sell these bottles for the cost of transfer from us to you. The rates for these bottles are:

  • UPS Zone 8: $ 48.00
  • UPS Zone 7: $ 44.00
  • UPS Zone 6: $ 40.00
  • UPS Zone 5: $ 36.00
  • UPS Zone 4: $ 32.00
  • UPS Zone 3: $ 28.00
  • UPS Zone 2: $ 24.00

Here is a run down of the specifications:

  • 16 fl oz size
  • natural HDPE plastic
  • full case of 230 bottles
  • closure is 24-410
  • only full cases will be sold
  • height of bottle from foot to top of shoulder 7-1/4 inches
  • diameter of bottle is 2-7/16 inches
  • Stock is limited to what is on hand.

Want to know how to order these bottles? It is very different from the way you will order your regular supplies. You must go to our Gift Certificate page. Once there you need to:

  1. Enter your name and shipping address
  2. Enter your address as the Recipient Address
  3. Enter your payment information
  4. Write in the Gift Message box that you are ordering the Construction Bottles.
  5. Choose the Other Amount and enter the value according to your shipping zone from us to you.
  6. If you don’t know your shipping zone then enter the Zone 8 value of $ 48 and write PLEASE CHECK MY ZONE
  7. We will NOT charge your card until we know your zone. We then process your order and ship the bottles immediately. Cool, eh?

Our construction team will be so happy to have these boxes moved and we hope these bottles will help your project. As of February 22 all remaining bottles will be recycled. We must clear this area so construction can begin.

Want to know your zone? Check this chart! Your zone is listed by your ZIP code’s first 3 digits on this Zone Chart!

Thank you! Have a great week!

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12 thoughts on “Bottles must go!

  • Canfield Crafts

    VERY cool! Thank you!

    I have two questions- one, how many are in a case? and two, should we just buy pumps/closures of that size separately? This is such a wonderful deal- you never know when you’ll need bottles!

    Thanks again,

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    • Tina Post author

      There are 230 bottles in a case. Yes, pumps or other closures can be ordered separately. The Champagne colored pumps will not reach the bottom of the bottle but the black and white High Viscosity/High Output pumps will. These are a great value and currently 4% of the bottles are taken. The deadline draws nearer each hour!

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  • LuAnn

    Already ordered mine! It’s kind of funny, we had a plastics factory close down here last year, and they gave me about 200 pumps for free that will fit those bottles perfectly! Score!! 🙂

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    • Tina Post author


      UPS starts with Zone 2. I think the zones are what delivery times were in days. UPS has really improved their service delivery and all packages are delivered much sooner now. Check the zone chart in the next blog and you can determine your zone. Cheers!

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  • Carrie

    Thank you thank you thank you for offering these! Awesome price…..just bought my case :). I don’t currently have any products that use this large of a container for, but I’m planning to eventually and now I’ll be ready when that time comes!

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  • Kam

    Thanks for the awsome deal! I really like these bottles. I just ordered a case. Thanks again!!!!! 🙂

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