Making Salt Scrubs Using Glycerin Scrub Base and Medium Bath Salt 6

In a recent class we introduced the Glycerin Scrub Base – Paraben Free, and Medium Bath Salt then made some fantastic Salt Scrubs. The only thing I recommend after making these scrubs is actually using this fabulous stuff. I know so many of us Use two to three times a week for smooth and soft skin. My feet, legs and hands love this stuff!

Iā€™m sure many of you have seen these items at the mall or in catalogs and yes they are very pretty and very expensive. Iā€™m going to show you how to make scrubs that are easy, fun and extremely cost effective when you make them yourselves. Your friends and family will definitely think you are amazing.

This is how we did it. Weigh the following item in a one quart zip top baggie (you can also use a bowl and fold the items).

9 oz wt medium bath salt
9 oz wt Glycerin Scrub Base – Paraben Free – mix the base well before using
Fragrance – 2 mL for a subtle scent or 4 mL for a strong Scent – I recommend checking the MMS Fragrance Calculator
Add a drop or two of color – if desired
Add seeds, fiber or luffa – if desired
Mixed well – be careful not to over mix, this base has soap and will make bubbles.
Fills one 16 fl oz Deep Jar with Size 89 Cap

Since we used the baggie option we cut the corner of the baggie and piped into the jar and found a lovely label to finish the product. I made one for me and one for a friend.

You can make this using the Glycerin Scrub Gift Kit available at Yes, labels are included! Perfect for giving that finished look to your jar of scrubs.

Thanks everyone for coming to class! I have enjoyed meeting you and showing you how easy and fun it can be to use the bases.



Measuring salt.

Mary adding scrub base.

Salt and seeds in a bag.



Mixing in plastic bag.

Salt Scrub finished and labeled.


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