Tonya’s First Classes with The Sage – What a Success and Super Fun!

I just want everyone to know that these classes have been a blast and that I am really glad that everyone is enjoying all the fabulous products that we have been making! We had the opportunity to create a lip balm from scratch, we made the Orange Lip Balm recipe that is available on the blog. This is my new favorite and I have been using it all weekend!

We also added fragrances to the Body Butter Base and made our own amazing Glycerin Salt Scrubs! During this class we got to experience the differences between making items from scratch and making similar items from the bases that are available at Many of the class participants said that they never made stuff like this before and that that they were surprised by how easy, simple and fun it was to create their own products. All class participants got an opportunity to add different items to make the Orange Lip Balm recipe, then melt and pour into the lip balm filling trays. This was amazing and we could fill 50 tubes at once. What a time saver!

Then we got the chance to see how convenient and easy the Lip Solutions was to use. I really enjoy using the bases because they are easy and very fast to use. I can put together a fantastic gift for anyone in just minutes. All made by me for a fraction of the prices that can be found at the mall.

Remember, if you have any class or kit suggestions, or just want to learn how to make a blog recipe, then let me know and we can try to include it into a future class.

Thanks to our students for coming to class! You all have been a delight to meet and teach.



Donna bringing out melted Lip Solutions

filling lip balm tubes

Filling Lip Solutions into tubes

Orange Butter Lip Balm ingredients

Rebecca, Carrie, Lanina, and Carolyn adding ingredients to Orange Butter Lip Balm

Pouring Lip Balm into filling tray

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Tonya’s First Classes with The Sage - What a Success and Super Fun!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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