Freebie Friday! 9

20120914-195523.jpgCan you believe that September is almost halfway over? Tomorrow will be the half way day of the month. I guess since you know what today is, you also know what happens today!

Before I go on to the giveaway of the week, I have to ask you a question. What post did you find to be the most informative post or your favorite post this week?

Now, onto this week’s giveaway! This week we are giving away some partial items from our Production Department and a complete jar of cream from our blog kitchen. Many of the partial items are sent to the blog kitchen and our collection of partial items has gotten overwhelming! Not only are you helping us keep the blog kitchen clean, but you get to play with some new goodies too! This week’s goodies include a partial 8 oz bottle of Neem Oil, a partial 4 oz bottle of Black Cumin Oil and an 8 oz jar of our Body Cream Base scented with Lemon Sugar Fragrance Oil!

The winner for this week is … Heather! Congratulations! Your treasure box will be sent out on Monday!

Remember, if you comment any time during the week, you are automatically entered into the Freebie Friday Drawing.

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Freebie Friday!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

About Andee

I'm a thirty-something soap snob. I've grown up with handmade soaps, and I love them! I really like making lotions, soaps, and perfumes. I adore mixing scents to come up with something new. My favorite scent is either Wicked or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

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9 thoughts on “Freebie Friday!

  • birdies

    My favorite post this week was the
    veggie emulsifier review.
    Since I make most of my body
    care products with natural ingredients, and
    animal free, it’s so nice to see this emulsifier offered.

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  • andrea

    I loved the product review/comparison on the new emulsifier you offer. That is exactly the information I am curious about 🙂 I also SUPER much appreciated that Joy was willing to share her “mistakes” as well as her successes. That is not only informative but so encouraging too. Thank you so much for facilitating this blog!!!

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  • Lisa McLaughlin

    I usually love to read all of your blogs…but, since my world was more than a little crazy this week I will have to go back a read them. My daughter broke her arm on Tuesday night and needless to say I have been slave to the ringing bell all week :/ Difficult to say the least, especially when you are also trying to run a business out of the house. And, that business is kicking in to high gear because of the upcoming holidays.

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  • Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued)

    Thank you so much sharing your recipes. I polish my nails alot and want to make some cuticle oil and some moisturing lotion.

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  • Heather Gwinn

    Heather? Me Heather LOL! Oh I really hope so! As for me I loved the info on the Veggie Emulsifier Review & Comparison. I make just one lotion, well rather more a whipped cream and I’ve been wanting to know more about what makes them thicker. Actually a lot of the tutorials you have had lately have been really great reads. Like the Night Serum. I liked that one too. I would love to learn more about lotions and formulas. Ratios on Preservatives, etc…

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    • Andee Post author

      Heather G,
      I’m sorry it wasn’t you this week. I forgot to check about name similarities! Keep commenting and I think you will get picked soon! (Darn random generators! They are so random!) 🙂

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  • PollyFae

    Where have I been? I need to be reading this blog every few days! I’d love to win a goodie box 😀 Who doesn’t love getting presents in the mail? 😀

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