A Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I promised that we would share some of our favorite childhood scents. I will begin with my list of favorite childhood scents and what fragrances I think match those memories.

My parents kept honeybees when I was a child. I got to help with the harvesting of the honey each August. The whole house would smell like warm honey and beeswax, with a touch of smoke from our clothes when we had collected the hive bodies containing the honey. We had lots of laughs, fun and sticky faces because Dad would let us eat fresh honey comb. 

Honey Harvest Fragrance is similar to the scent of my memories.  This fragrance has notes of warm beeswax, fresh honey, hints of almond and oatmeal. Smells like a honey harvest with bowls of warm oatmeal waiting in the kitchen.

Peaches are the favored fruit of my childhood. I grew up helping Mom can peaches each fall and the whole family would enjoy peaches during the winter, spring and hopefully the following summer. It was always a sad day when the last bottle of peaches was opened because peaches not only taste good, but they seemed to bring the late summer sunshine to the table.

Peach Fragrance is so realistic that I have caught myself salivating over the bottle whenever I use the fragrance. I swear that just opening the bottle sends me back to those peach canning days when my face and hands were sticky with peach juice and I was helping cut peaches or stuffing quart jars with slices of summer.

I’ll admit it, I will always be my daddy’s little girl. My dad and I have shared many memories: me as a toddler stealing his midnight snack of blue cheese and crackers, reading books as we rocked in his hammock and ate pistachios, building and launching rockets as we studied space, and me helping him take apart his junk computers as we laugh about work, school and friends. When I think of my dad there is one common element in those memories, Dad’s cologne. His favorite cologne wasn’t worn everyday, but I remember him smelling like Old Spice. Mom tells me that he didn’t wear any Old Spice.

Spicy Lime Fragrance is the fragrance that reminds me of those hugs that I would get from Dad when I was little. This scent of spices, lime and a touch of musk makes a classic men’s soap. One whiff of this and you will know what a hug in a bottle smells like.

I hope you enjoyed walking down my memory lane. Are there fragrances that remind you of fond memories?

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