Hysterical Confusion

Do you have family phrases that take on special meanings that are not related to the actual meaning? I think most people do. Families are a mesh of many experiences which make up who they are. We soap makers have our own phrases and our families have started to adopt our terminology in their everyday language. Have you heard “That isn’t a real oil, it doesn’t saponify” from the mouths of your family yet? The next 2 days will be posts of funny communications that are examples of this communication in error.

A family member went to Taylor’s room and asked her for some corn flakes. Taylor explained that she didn’t bring corn flakes and offered her rice cakes instead. The family member declined and went back to her room. Later that day Taylor learned The Rest of the Story.

It is said that a distant relative’s mother would do her grocery shopping and once she got to the car she proclaimed to have forgotten the corn flakes. She told her children to load the car and wait inside. She then returned to the store to buy her feminine hygiene products. The family joke that allows for public discussion of a personal matter has lead to a lot of laughs. Today I share a photo of Chinese corn flakes.

It really doesn’t matter if we are communicating from one language to another or within a family, our life experiences help us choose words, phrases and hand gestures to explain our thoughts and requests. All people read the communicated words with their own perception of what is meant, rarely do we rely on actual meaning for a whole dialog.

If you think I have lost my mind, I offer a challenge: define natural.

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