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The wedding is over and I’m sitting in my room just collecting my thoughts about today. I’m grateful to a team in the US called The Majestic Family. The crew at MMS made it possible to come to China to see my daughter’s wedding ceremony for her new Chinese family. Andee and Jerry are a delight to see and be with. Without the team of people who stayed in the US I would not be able to be here.

We’ve made some major changes in the past year and new changes are still coming. Andee was our blog writer for a long time. Many of you still remember her posts. She passed to our front counter position and has been the primary person processing orders for the last year. This meant our other daughter, Taylor, stepped into the blog writing area. This wedding and summer bring some major changes to our blog. Andee will be staying in China for about 1 year. After their extended stay Andee and Jerry plan to return to the USA. Taylor, however, will be leaving the blog in a few months to continue her studies in Mandarin Chinese. In a mere 2 months my home becomes an empty nest, my blog kitchen becomes quiet and my daughters can be found half way around the globe. This leaves me with many thoughts to ponder.

We’ve made arrangements with Taylor to pop in periodically to write about finding supplies in a different country. We will greatly miss her humorous perspective and mathematical challenges which result in massive amounts of samples which go to shipping. I’m not sure who will be the next blog writer, nor who will manage to steal (borrow) my hairbrush during my most rushed mornings but I suspect a whole new world is on the horizon. I believe we are ready to meet that new world. I’m just glad to hold on to the one I have a little longer.


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I started in 1996 with the help of my husband. Now I get to help people make all kinds of soaps and bath and body products. I think my favorite things to make are lip balms and lotions/creams. Of course I get most of the soap technical support questions because that is my strong knowledge area. Glad this blog is here!

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3 thoughts on “The wedding was beautiful

  • Carolyn in Salt Lake City

    Hi, Tina, my goodness, I didn’t realize Andee was going to be gone a year! It sounds like forever, but what a wonderful opportunity for growth and discovery in another country. Will she return to MMS when she comes back? How long will Taylor be gone? I have so enjoyed reading past blog posts, I feel like I’ve come to know the girls personally. But if you need someone to blog about mathematical challenges and failed batches, I volunteer!

    Nothing ever stays the same, does it?

    Enjoy your visit, I’m looking forward to your blog posts, they are always delightful.

    Blessings to you and yours, Carolyn

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  • Kathy R

    Oh Tina — how sad to lose 2 daughters, but exciting at the same time…
    Once you find that ‘perfect’ one for your team, it’s sooo hard to let them go.

    I sure wish I lived in Utah! I’d work for you for nothing! OK, maybe for some “dented” products that you couldn’t sell!! What a deal!

    But life goes on. I know you will find another perfect, team player.

    Wishing you, Andee & Taylor all the best and good luck! I’m sure going to miss Andee and Taylor – they were so good! I’m going to miss their blogs and I hope you don’t shut it down. I know it’s hard right now, but with a little faith, someone will show up!

    Best wishes,
    Kathy R

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    • Tina Post author

      The blog is not going away. I have actually considered a blog writer (or blog writers) that can’t work in our facility. MMS has great customers and many are good writers. We’ll keep working on the blog and find a solution that is fun, funny and a resource for everyone!

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