Marion – A delight and an inspiration

I am writing with sad news today. Marion, our wonderful hot pad lady, has passed away. You might remember our initial post about Marion and her hot pads. Our wonderful friend was 99 and she would sew each day, except Sunday. She would talk with me about canning, making pies, sewing and family. She was delightful and a real inspiration. I want to sew and I want to prepare apples for making pies.

Would you like to read Marion’s obituary? Local newspaper listing for Marion.

I have about 20 pairs of hot pads, that were made by Marion, still in our inventory. Marion’s daughters have stated they would like to carry on the project their mother started. If you would like to get these hot pads, just go to our catalog and read more about her hot pads, Marion, and how we came together. The catalog entry will explain how you can get a free pair of Marion’s hot pads. Our catalog entry about Marion and her hot pads.

Dear readers, thanks a ton for sending notes to Marion. She loved getting your mail. I know her family will enjoy getting any future cards you would like to send.

Best wishes!

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