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Back in May, I released the Pampered Feet challenge. Kathy (jaspersgarden) responded to the challenge with a great story, recipes and photos. She has responded to our challenges before, so I’m glad to welcome Kathy back to guest writing on our blog. I hope you enjoy her story and great recipes.

I’m baaaack!!! I made the following formulas out of a great necessity for my granddaughter (adopted later by hubby and I) back in 2002. She had stinky feet and was humiliated horribly by the kids at daycare and school when they had to remove their shoes for nap-time. It was so sad to get her out of the house in the morning – knowing what she was facing later on in the day. I did take her to a Doctor, but they could not figure out what was wrong with her feet. Of course, they prescribed topical medicine – but it stunk worse than her feet did!! So I decided to concoct something just for her – I figured it couldn’t hurt – right?!! I was so happy a week later when she started smiling and stopped worrying about going to daycare/school! BUT – I also learned something along the way….her shoes. She was a total Barbie fan and just had to have the infamous Barbie tennis shoes – which were made out of plastic…how dumb is that? Her feet could not breathe and I just never put it together that it could be something as simple as shoes… Why didn’t the Doctor think of that? Anyway, we still use this regimen on a weekly basis, because not only do they take away the stinkies, they also make our feet feel smoooooth! Enjoy ;o)

I have 3 different foot soaks:

Step 1

Choose one: Fizzy Foot Salts, Foot Crystals or Powdered Bubble Bath.

Fizzy Foot Salts – “for a cheap thrill ~ use fizzies!”

In a gallon size ziploc, mix the following:
1/2 cup Fine Sea Salt
1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/4 cup Citric Acid
1/4 cup Cornstarch
In a small glass bowl, mix the following:
2 Tb Dendritic Salt
1/4 tsp Pink Glimmer Mica (for the “Barbie” effect)
15 drops Tea Tree EO
15 drops Eucalyptus EO
15 drops Peppermint EO

Add the bowl ingredients to the ziploc bag, seal and mix until the color is evenly distributed. Pour into a cello bag, twist tie shut or use a pretty ribbon to close. Attach a wooden bath salt scoop.

Foot Crystals – “Feeling decadent? Use Crystals!”

In a gallon size ziploc, mix the following:
2 cups Coarse Sea Salt (or Coarse Dead Sea Salt)
1 cup Epsom Salt
In a small glass bowl, mix the following:
2 Tb Dendritic Salt
1/4 tsp Pink Glimmer Mica (I use Green Pearl Mica now!)
15 drops Tea Tree EO
15 drops Eucalyptus EO
15 drops Peppermint EO

Add the bowl ingredients to the ziploc bag, seal and mix until the color is even. Pour into a clear PET jar, Tin Tie bag or cello bag. Attach a wooden bath salt scoop.

Powdered Bubble Bath for my feet – “Feeling like a Diva? There’s nothing like bubbles!”
WARNING: WEAR A MASK for this formula!!!! (cough, cough!!)
In a gallon size ziploc, mix the following:
1 cup SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate)
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Epsom Salt
1/3 cup Cream of Tartar
In a small glass bowl, mix the following:
2 Tb Dendritic Salt
1/2 tsp Pink Glimmer Mica
2 tsp of mixed EO’s above

Add the bowl ingredients to the ziploc bag, seal and mix until the color is evenly distributed. Pour into a clear PET jar, Tin Tie bag or cello bag. Attach a wooden bath salt scoop.

Step 2

Foot Balm

Weigh and gently melt in a 4 cup Pyrex (microwave or double boiler)
4 oz Cocoa Butter, odorless/white
1 oz Candelilla Wax
Once melted, weigh and add
4 oz Shea Butter
Stir until Shea Butter is completely melted (off heat)
In a 2 cup Pyrex, measure out the following oils by volume (yes, I know!!)
3 oz Sweet Almond Oil
1 oz Jojoba Oil, clear or golden
1 oz Meadowfoam Oil
4 oz Virgin Coconut Oil (melt ahead of time)
Pour these oils into the 4 cup Pyrex and stir. Heat gently if you have too.
In a 2 oz Shotglass
Pour a small amount of melted oils/butters and add
1.5 tsp of above EO’s
4 Vitamin E, 1000 iu capsules (prick with straight pin and squeeze)
8 Vitamin A & D capsules (prick with straight pin and squeeze)
1 tsp Pink Glimmer Mica (or color of your choice – I prefer Green Pearl Mica)
Make sure the oils/butters in the 4 cup Pyrex are not hot, then add the shotglass ingredients to the Pyrex and stir.
Pour into 5 – 4 oz Slip Tins
Let sit overnight before capping to prevent condensation.

Step 3

Foot Powder (for inside of shoes)

In a small ziploc, add
2/3 cup Cornstarch
2/3 cup Baking Soda
2/3 cup Colloidal Oatmeal, fine (or Arrowroot Powder if you’re not allergic to it)
1/8 cup Pink Kaolin Clay (or China Clay if you don’t want color)
20 drops Tea Tree EO
20 drops Eucalyptus EO
20 drops Peppermint EO
Close ziploc and mix/squish until color is evenly distributed. I poured this into Cheese Shaker jars from Target.

How to use:
Step 1
After her nightly bath, she was to soak her feet in which ever Salt blend she wanted to use for 15-20 minutes. (1 – 2 scoops per foot soak)
Step 2
Dry feet thoroughly then apply the Foot Balm liberally and put on white COTTON socks – so she wouldn’t slip and slide all over the place! Plus I wanted her feet to breathe.
Step 3
Sprinkle the Foot Powder into her Barbie shoes.

She did this religiously for a week with wonderful results! But changing her shoes was the major key to her stinky feet. We finally found a pair of cotton tennis shoes that still had a little bling on them (very important for a 9 year old!) and she hasn’t had any trouble since with stinky feet! We still use the Salts and Foot Balm on a weekly basis for at-home pedicures!!


  • We used (and still use) a small kitty litter pan for the foot soaks – found at Wal-Mart for only $2.00.
    • For the Powdered Bubble Bath soak, put the litter pan in the tub with 1 -2 scoops and put it directly under running water to get the bubbles.
    • For the Fizzy Foot Salts – add water to litter pan, THEN add the Fizzy Foot Salts – to get a good fizzzz!!
  • Do not store Fizzy Salts in a glass jar…holy cow – I had no idea it could blow up with the humidity in the bathroom…lesson learned!
  • With the Foot Balm formula, I’m sure someone is wondering why I didn’t weigh out the liquid oils…I’ve tried and tried and never got the same consistency that I did with using volume…no clue why!!! Also, you can sub the Virgin Coconut Oil with Coconut 76* – but the VCO adds a slight “sweet” smell to the EO’s I used. Not everyone likes the smell of Tea Tree EO, but I do!
  • Do not label your Foot Balm like I did…pffft! Ointment? For dry, cracked feet & odor control? Geez – big red flag! “Hey FDA, here I am!!”
  • I use Dendritic Salt to help retain the scent of the EO’s. Believe it or not – it really works!! I have some bath salts that are over a year old and they still smell awesome!
  • You do not have to color any of the Salts, Balm or Foot Powder….but that’s boring!
    Have you noticed that most feet (foot?) products are green? You can color them in any color you want! Do NOT use oxides though – your salts will smell like rotten eggs very quickly…not a good thing! I prefer mica’s, they’re pearly and shiny!
  • I heat-sealed my cello bags – but that’s not a good idea…try getting it open without flinging foot salts all over the bathroom – pffft!!!


Foot Balm & Fizzy Foot Salts in green Tin Tie bag.

For My Feet set colored with purple - top view.

For My Feet set colored with purple.

Close up of Cheese Shaker jar - in purple.

For My Feet set in green.

Close up view of Foot Balm in green.

Don't follow my label ooops!

Close up view of Fizzy Foot Salts in Tin Tie bag with wooden scoop.

For My Feet in green with Fizzy Foot Salts in cello bag (heat sealed - not a good idea...)

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  • Tina


    Excellent blog post! I think you have learned a lot along this road.



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  • Julie Marcil

    Wonderful Kathy! I love everything, your story, the recipes (I hope I will have the chance to try some) and I guess I am a visual, I love the packging! Especially the little feet on the lable.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Julie ^_^

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