Pampered Feet Blog Reader Challenge

Summer is just around the corner and that means the time for bare feet, sandals and flip flops is here. If you are in the same shoes I am, you probably have rough calloused feet right now. Ack! I can’t wander around with callouses and chipped nail polish and before I can put any nail polish on, I have to pamper my feet. We all need pampered feet and there are many ways to get them. Therefore, I propose a challenge to all blog readers.

Send in your favorite foot product recipe and show us how to pamper our feet. Have your recipe shared on the MMS Blog as a guest author! I can’t wait to see what creative things our readers will come up with. Read below for the entry guidelines and what each qualified entry will earn!

Entry Guide Lines:


Send in your photos un-edited. This will help us make sure it can be placed in your post. (Don’t worry, if something needs to be cropped, we’ll do it. We want you to look good. )


Write an introduction. We want to know about your wonderful recipe. This is your chance to gush, explain the history and even possible mistakes.

Ingredient and Equipment Collection:

Tell us what we need to make your recipe. This includes ingredients and equipment. We want to duplicate what you did. You are the expert.


Tell us your recipe. (We have been dying to get to that part.) We will convert your recipe into percentages so users can do your same size batch or scale it larger or smaller to suit their needs.


Now instruct us. How did you put it together? (Please, teacher, tell us please!) Did you hold something over? We want to know!


Do you have a few reminders for us? Something we might like to know or even need to know? Tell us here! (Notes are optional)


All entries are due by June 17th, but don’t delay! We will release the qualified entries to the blog beginning on June 23rd. Don’t miss your chance to be a guest blogger AND earn a pedicure to a local salon in your area!

Have questions or ready to submit your entry?  E-mail our blog team.

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