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Yesterday I showed you the Lime Zest soap and I promised that I would show you what I make with the juice from the limes. As a little girl I remember our family making grape lime rickeys during the hot days of summer. This drink is a wonderfully cool refreshment that anyone will enjoy!

This recipe can be vague and will depend on different tastes. I have found that adults enjoy more lime in their grape lime rickey while children prefer more grape syrup.

Collect needed items:

Lemon-Lime Soda
Limes (I’m using the zested limes from yesterday)
Syrup (I’m using Grape Syrup)
Drinking glass
Spoon, optional
A Sharp Knife

Cut a lime in half and squeeze one or both halves of the lime into the empty drinking glass. Dispose of the squeezed limes however you desire. Fill the drinking glass with the desired amount of ice. Now pour the soda over the ice. I used one can of Sprite Zero for this glass. Add a splash of grape syrup. I typically use between 1 – 4 tablespoons of grape syrup for a 12 fl oz can of soda. Stir well with either a spoon or straw. If you desire, cut a thin slice of lime for garnishment and then serve.

With the recent changes in low-calorie beverages, you can enjoy this drink without feeling like you are drinking straight sugar syrup. Sprite Zero and Diet 7up both are excellent low calorie choices that keep the great taste. If you desire, you can also use Club Soda instead of the Lemon-Lime soda.

Enjoy because I know I will!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how we make this fun drink into a soap!

Collect needed items.

Cut a lime in half.

Squeeze the lime.

Ice and lime juice in a glass.

Adding grape syrup to the glass.

Cutting a lime for garnishment.

Lime juice from one lime.

Pouring the soda into the glass.

Stirring the drink.


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