Old Fragrances

As I was cleaning out the testing lab, I found 2 MMS Perfumer’s Kits. One dates back to 2003-2004 and the other dates back to 2000-2001! Both kits had discontinued fragrances that I remember using sparingly because I wanted to hoard every single drop.

Do you have favorite MMS Fragrances that were discontinued? If so, what were they? I’m hoping that I might be able to convince our R&D Team to bring back some of the discontinued fragrances for a one-time Limited Edition fragrance release.

I have my list of discontinued favorites, do you?

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About Andee

Director of Happiness. I'm a thirty-something soap snob. I've grown up with handmade soaps, and I love them! I really like making lotions, soaps, and perfumes. I adore mixing scents to come up with something new. My favorite scent is either Wicked or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

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