New Products, Snow and a Bad Joke

snow_angelWe have 4 new molds in the catalog, including two loaf style molds. We also have two new scents, one is Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil, and the other is Rosewood Essential Oil. See for all the new items.

Yesterday we got our first real snow in the valley. It was wonderful! Each year I look forward to making snow angels and it appears as though this winter will a promising season!

Swine Flu Note (again): we have had two staff members get this flu, one in March and one in September. Since we have had friends in the area and away that have also had this flu we thought we would mention a helpful hint in the event you also contract this virus. Severe cases seem to cause such turmoil with the body that hair and nails stop growing for just a blink. This can cause the hair to break off/appear to fall out and the nails to grow with a disease caused dent. While the hair will grow back and the nails will grow out, it can be alarming for the post-illness ego to think that the body is falling apart again. If you, or a loved one, gets this flu it might be beneficial to take a multi-vitamin during and after the illness. This may help prevent or decrease the likelihood of these problems. As with all supplements, please talk to your doctor. We don’t want any supplements to interfere with medical treatments.

OK, here is my joke. I am sure it is such a groaner that Laffy taffy doesn’t even want it. 😉

If an astronaut dips his bare toe into a pie, will the pie eaters get mistle toe (missle toe)? I told you it was a groaner!  I’m hoping Andee will get better soon because she can see I am subjecting our readers to such silly jokes!

Happy Wednesday!


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