Split Ends Prevention Serum 3

Split ends can be problematic when trying to style your hair. Since we just recently released several new extracts, I thought that we should make a serum for preventing troublesome split ends.

I chose Comfrey Leaves Extract and Horsetail Grass Extract for different results I wanted in the finished product. Comfrey Leaves Extract is great for moisturizing and nourishing hair as well as aiding the prevention of split ends. Horsetail Grass Extract is great for nourishing hair, aiding the prevention of split ends, and encouraging hair growth.

This split ends prevention serum is light-weight and feels great on your hair!

Collect needed supplies:
Conditioning Emulsifier
Wheat Protein
Horsetail Grass Extract
Comfrey Leave Extract
Liquid Germall Plus
Transfer Pipettes
Beaker or Mixing Bowl
Immersion Blender
Containers for the finished product (I used the 2 oz PET Boston Round Bottle, Size 20 and the Treatment Pump Top Closure, Size 20.)
Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil if desired

Recipe in Percentages:
10% Cyclomethicone
8% Dimethicone
8% Conditioning Emulsifier Wax
67.5% Water
2% Wheat Protein
2% Horsetail Extract
2% Comfrey Leaves Extract
0.5% Liquid Germall Plus

Recipe in grams for 100 gram test batch:
10 grams Cyclomethicone
8 grams Dimethicone
8 grams Conditioning Emulsifier Wax
67.5 grams Water
2 grams Wheat Protein
2 grams Horsetail Extract
2 grams Comfrey Leaves Extract
0.5 grams Liquid Germall Plus

Weigh the Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Conditioning Emulsifier and water into the beaker and microwave in short bursts until the Conditioning Emulsifier can be completely melted and all the ingredients in the beaker can be blended together. At this point, the mixture looks like a clear hair gel. Stir the mixture occasionally and allow to cool until the temperature drops below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Add the extracts, Wheat Protein, and Liquid Germall Plus and mix together. Pour into desired containers and allow to cool before using. The mixture will now be white in appearance.

Application Directions:

Wash hair normally and then towel dry hair. Pump the needed amount of serum onto your palms and lightly apply to all of your hair. Do not rinse. Style as usual.


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Collect needed supplies.

Collect needed supplies.

First ingredients before microwaving.

First ingredients before microwaving.

First ingredients after microwaving.

First ingredients after microwaving.

Mixing all ingredients together.

Mixing all ingredients together.

Finished serum in the bottle.

Finished serum in the bottle.

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3 thoughts on “Split Ends Prevention Serum

  • Zany

    I have everything I need to make this except I’m thinking of subbing allantoin for the the comfrey leaf extract. Would that work? Also, how much fragrance (essential oil) would you recommend?



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    • Andee Post author

      The Comfrey Leaves Extract was chosen to aid the prevention of split ends. Allantoin can hasten the growth of new skin, but I don’t see any information about it assisting hair. I do not think Allantoin will work in this recipe.

      I would use the fragrance calculator and select the product option of “Hair Conditioner” for scenting recommendations.

      Hope this helps!

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