Random Hemp Butter Drawing 2

I was given 12 jars of the Hemp Butter in a 4 ounce size and told I could give them away to 12 people that comment on our blog. I still had my comment list from the Mother’s Day Gift Basket Drawing, so I added all the comments we have received up to now. I used my handy-dandy random number generator again to pick the comments.


From sincerelyemily on Cold Process Soap, Day Three “Andee, thank you so much for all the help you have given me and for answering my questions. What are your thoughts on the white residue on the coffee soap that I made? it was not there when I took the soap out of the mold and cut it but was starting to appear in the next day and is still there 10 days later. The soap feels hard and I have been using a little scrap piece and it lathers nicely. The residue is unsightly so I can’t give it as a gift just wondering if there is something I did in the process that would cause this….thank you again. Emily”

From Julie on Cold Process Soap, Day Five “Hi Andee, I have another question: Do you have a set time table that you use for melting the oils in the microwave? I noticed that for the 16 oz batches, you microwaved the oils for 2 minutes, and for the batch on day five, 80 oz of oils, you microwaved for about 8 minutes. I typically make 40 oz batches- what would you recommend for time? I don’t want to overheat and/or catch my oils on fire…. Thank you! Julie”

From sarakate on Saint Patrick’s Day Mint Balm “These are great, I love the green!!!”

From Beauricua on Lip Gloss “Hey Andee, Have you ever considered using Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax and Vitamin E Acetate for a lip gloss? It’s great! Give it a try. Betty”

From gentlegranny on Botanicals in Soap “I love to use calendula petals in soap scented with Pina Smoothie or anything Pineapple and it looks like Pineapple is in it. Or ground oatmeal in my signiture soap is very invigorating. Grins, Gentlegranny”

From Lauri on Light Facial Cream “This looks like it made a lot. What size jars did you use with it?”

From timtoys on Room Sprays “What would the recommended percentage be for a preservative? It would most definitely need one. Thanks!”

From jrdgarrett on Monster Away Spray “I gave the challenge of writing a story about Monster spray to my daughter who works at the library and loves children’s stories. She is in the process of illustrating her book for me so I can give a copy along with a bottle of spray to my grandchildren. Thank you for the great idea!”

From kathyjane on Flavor Testing at MMS “So, how do i get a sample?”

From PEscapes on Precious Cuticles “I just got this in my order. How exactly do I use it?”

From jaspersgarden on Blog Readers Challenge Questions Answered, Part 1 “Oh Andee!!
I would LOVE to be a guest writer for the Hot Process Soap blog ;o) What do you need? Recipe, equipment needed, step by step, times? I alread have the pics too (2 different batches) and thanks to my digital camera – they show what time it was at each stage – cool beans!! I’ll need a few days to organize my pics, get out my recipe (I save ALL of my recipes – complete with my little notes) Where should I send the pics and verbiage? Via email? Just let me know Andee!! OK – on to the “test batches” answer you so graciously gave – LOL! The reason I don’t do test batches is not b/c it’s a waste of ingredients. No no no, it’s b/c of the clean-up ~ I HATE doing dishes!! I don’t have a sink in my soap shop, so everything has to be carted into the house to be washed…such a pain! So when I make soap, it takes the same amount of equipment/dishes to make a 1 # batch as it does a 4 or 5 # batch. But with a 5 # batch, I get more bars of soap, hence it’s worth carting all my dirty dishes into the house to wash them!!! That’s my excuse – and I’m stickin’ to it!! But on the serious side, I have heard/read that it’s more dangerous to work with a small batch as it is to work with a larger one – I’m talking about the small amount of lye needed for a test batch. I heard/read this way back in the day, and unfortunately – it stuck in my head….I have made one test batch in 10 years and I was sooo nervous!! I was dropping things, second guessing myself, etc. It was a nightmare – ALL b/c someone put that in my head. It’s funny what sticks in your head, then trying to change your ways later. Thank you for the opportunity Andee! I’m very excited! Kathy”

From terrylynn22 on Coffee Butter Latte Cream “I have been making a whipped olive oil cream and it is a little difficult to put in a bottle. I will put balm in a jar and lotion in a bottle, but what about a whipped cream, should it go in a bottle or jar? It is easier to put in a jar, I just thought it would stay cleaner using from a bottle. What do you think, is one better than the other, or is it just individual preference? Thanks, Terry”

Congratulations to the winners! I will be sending you an e-mail to get a shipping address to send you this 4 ounces of Hemp Butter.

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2 thoughts on “Random Hemp Butter Drawing

  • timtoys

    I received my Hemp Butter today. Thank you Andee!!! I can’t wait to try it out!

    Theresa 🙂

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