Summer Fun with the Kids: Making Bath Bombs!

Summertime. What a fun time to hang out with friends and family at the pool, beach, park or backyard! I really enjoy the sunshine and fun family activities that come with the summer season. BBQ parties, hiking, swimming, fishing, or even just sitting on the porch; it is nice to be able to get out and enjoy ourselves.

This summer I want to show you how you can expand your summer amusement with some fun, simple and easy to do projects with your friends and kids. Today I am going to show you how to create some Bath Bombs that the kids will surely enjoy the next time they take a bath. We all know how dirty they can get, so anything that we can to do to get them in the bathtub and clean is best for all. At the end of the day, we get some great bonding time as well as some clean kids! What could be better?!

Collect Needed Materials:

Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Corn Starch
Fragrance Oil of your choice
Water Soluble Color
Distilled Water in a Spray Bottle
Multi-Cube Clamshell or other Molds of your choice
Large plastic bag for mixing
Small plastic bags for individualizing each clamshell
Recipe in pounds:
3 pounds Baking Soda
2 pounds Citric Acid
1 pound Corn Starch
Recipe in Percentages
50% Baking Soda
34% Citric Acid
16% Corn Starch

Recipe: (Makes 6 pounds, fills 20-22 Multi-Cube Clamshells)

Weigh dry materials into a bag and mix well. If using the Multi-Cube Clamshell, weigh 4.4 ounces into a small bag. Add up to 1/2 mL fragrance oil and mix well, making sure all the clumps have been broken up. Spritz plain water and colored water over the dry powder once or twice and then mix thoroughly. Alternate spritzes of colored water and plain water until the mixture is the texture of coarse corn meal. Be careful to not over spray or your bombs may start fizzing, so spray once or twice and mix thoroughly, then repeat if necessary. Compress finished product into Multi-Cube Clamshell or Mold of your choice and let dry thoroughly about 6-12 hours.

Now your kids will love it when you send them off to take a bath. Since we used the Multi-Cube Clamshell, simply break off a cube or two into your next bath and let the fizzing begin!


Color Note:
Adding color to this recipe can be done with ease if the color is mixed with water and spritzed lightly into the dry ingredients. Try a .15 cc scoop of the water soluble dyes into a 4 oz size bottle with spray head and see how easy it is to color your bath bombs!

You can find Water Soluble dyes in our catalog at, but I have also included links to all of our water soluble dyes here for your easy perusal!
Lemon Yellow
Purple Raspberry
Ocean Blue

What a fun summertime afternoon project with the kids. What we should create next? We want to hear your ideas!

Thanks Dylan and Ava! I loved spending the afternoon with you!


Making Bath Bombs
Making Bath Bombs
Look What I Made
Look What I Made
Mixing mixture
Mixing bath bomb mixture
Mixing mixture with colored water in a bag
Mixing mixture with colored water in a bag
Pressing mixture in a clamshell
Pressing mixture in a clamshell
Using a mold to create shapes
Using a mold to create shapes

Shapes & color options
Shapes & color options
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2 thoughts on “Summer Fun with the Kids: Making Bath Bombs!”

  1. Try substituting witch hazel instead of water for fizzies that harden faster, pop out of the molds more easily, and hold their molded shape much, much better! (The last point is important if you use either a fancier mold or want to make a shower tablet.) in addition it also has properties that are good for your skin making your fizzy even better!

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