Vanilla Oleoresin Soaps Evaluations

Soaps after being cut.
Last week we made three test batches of cold process soap with Vanilla Oleoresin. Now it is time for our evaluations.

All three batches have a very faint baked vanilla odor that is hard to smell when the soap is dry and the scent is just a little stronger when the soap is wet. The scent does not vary much between usage rates.

My overall opinion is that if you are wanting a barely there vanilla scent, then you can use the Vanilla Oleoresin. If you are wanting a stronger Vanilla scent that when sniffed shouts, “I’m Vanilla!” I would recommend using Vanilla Cream Fragrance Oil to meet the needs of a stronger scent.

So … our summary is not a failure, but not desired either.

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2 thoughts on “Vanilla Oleoresin Soaps Evaluations”

  1. Very interesting!! Do you think you could go higher than 3%, or would it be cost prohibitive to add more natural vanilla?

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    1. Amy,
      I think it is cost prohibitive at 3%. If marketing this product, and the much higher price tag which accompanies this formulation, is in line with your company’s objectives then it may fly. At my local farmer’s market, I don’t think it will be a run-away seller.

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