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When I was in college, I would get up on Saturday mornings to go have coffee and breakfast with my best friend. Today we are hundreds of miles away, living different lives. While it is no longer practical for us to chat over breakfast, we send emails, letters and instant […]

Flat White Coffee Lip Balm

You know when a good friend introduces you to something so good, it feels like it has turned into an addiction. Yeah. I am suffering from the effects of a well intentioned friend. My new addiction, you ask? Caramel Lattes. Well, today I am going to give into that addiction […]

Caramel Latte Lip Balm

Here at last, here at last, thank heavens it is here at last! What am I talking about? Why, the famous Java Juice Lip Balm recipe! I have been begging the R&D team for the ability to share this fabulous recipe and they have finally given permission. Wahoo! Come join […]

Famous Java Juice Lip Balm

I think we are lip scrub junkies here! Lip scrubs are easy to make, and they are great additions to gift baskets and product lines. If you already offer body scrubs and lip balms, then you should try lip scrubs. They are easy, fun, and even tasty! Are you still […]

Coffee Lip Scrub

I love making lip glosses because they are so simple to make and yet are one bit of makeup that I will regularly wear. Since I’m a total Java Junkie, I created this yummy lip gloss that isn’t overpoweringly coffee and yet still mildly coffee flavored. Think latte or cappuccino […]

Coffee & Cream Lip Gloss

Recently, Carolyn asked if we would consider reformulating our Coffee Butter Latte Cream to include Coffee Oil. I had been considering reformulating and Carolyn gave me that extra boost of encouragement to make this new formulation!I made the light formula that uses Isopropyl Myristate to help reduce the greasy feeling […]

Coffee Latte Body Cream

The Chinese Spring Festival is coming to a close and while I’m sad to see the celebrations, fireworks and bright signs disappear, I’m also looking forward to having my normal (and quiet) life back next week. As I write this post, the leftover food of a family celebration sit in […]

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