Cold Process Soap

Honey is a fantastic substance. It is great sweetener and a natural humectant. It is fabulous drizzled over baked goods or one’s morning oatmeal. It is also terrific in cosmetics and masks. So how do we incorporate a little more honey into our lives? How about in our soap? Curious?   So why […]

Honey in Soap

When I came back from China, I brought back a wealth of knowledge and experiences really have changed my perspective on life, lifestyles, culture and food. People ask about my adventures abroad but there is so much to tell, I hardly know where to begin! I often start with the […]

Ginger and Silk Soap

Recently, we offered a beginners soap making class, we had a few students that never made soap before and some that had made a few batches but wanted to focus on the cold process soap-making techniques. During this class each participant had the opportunity to make several batches of soap […]

Caffe Latte Cold Process Soap

Recently on the forum, Andee hosted a swap. It was called Ye Old Romance Swap. If you have never participated in a swap before, they are fun and addicting. Think of it like a Christmas gift from like-minded individuals. You get plenty of inspiration, feedback and the perfect place to […]

Clyde’s Shaving Soap