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Valentine’s Day is next Sunday and I am super excited. I plan on making sugar cookies and frosting them with pink frosting and spending the rest of my weekend lounging in my chair with a book and a warm cup of tea. The perfect addition to my weekend plans would […]

Valentine’s Sweet Tub Tea

Baths are a rare treat for me. I don’t often have time to enjoy one fully so instead I skip through the shower. So when I discovered I have an upcoming weekend where my time hadn’t been scheduled, I penciled in a personal spa day. These days are where I […]

Sweet Milky Tub Tea

Sometimes life gets extremely hectic. I mean so crazy that you don’t even have time for yourself, let alone time to even think. The dog needs to be walked, chores need to be done, dinner has to be made and the car needs its oil changed. Whew! Talk about needing […]

Milk Rose Tub Tea

Filling Heat and Seal Tea Bag with Tub Tea 9
In the heat of summer we all need a cool retreat. This tub tea is perfect for a cool dip in the bath tub. Ohh. Spa Time! Here is the equipment you will need for this recipe. Equipment Mixing Bowl Scale Spoon Iron Heat and Seal Tea Bags These are […]

Tub Tea