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When I was in college, I would get up on Saturday mornings to go have coffee and breakfast with my best friend. Today we are hundreds of miles away, living different lives. While it is no longer practical for us to chat over breakfast, we send emails, letters and instant […]

Flat White Coffee Lip Balm

Have you ever heard the song, “This One’s For The Girls” by Martina McBride? I’ve had this song stuck in my head and while I was testing this lip balm, I started singing this song with my own twist! “This is for all you coffee baristas, Pouring coffee just trying […]

Perfectly Coffee Lip Balm

It's National Coffee Day!
It’s National Coffee Day and I’m celebrating with a delicious cup of Caffe Ibis Fresh Vanilla coffee. Since I adore coffee, I thought I would share some of my favorite ingredients and recipes for coffee inspired handmade products! After all, who better to give you a tour of the world […]

It’s National Coffee Day!

I will admit, I loved the soap we made yesterday. If fact, as soon as I could, I started to use a bar. Yes, that means I didn’t quite let it cure all the way, so it was a little soft but it is so very good! I couldn’t resist. […]

Coffee Oil Lip Balm

Coffee Oil. This scrumptious oil is new to our catalog and it is simply wonderful. I have never smelled anything that smells so like a small Mom & Pop coffee shop. This oil is very dark in color and I found it begging me to make a lip balm with […]

Coffee Oil Lip Balm