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Okay, the other week I made a really good Coffee Oil Lotion. It was so good in fact, I have already used up the little sample I kept for myself! I am devastated that it is gone already. I felt it was perfect in odor. Not too heavy, not too […]

Coffee Oil Body Butter

Now that we have had our adventure in a Chinese hospital and all your well wishes gave me such a speedy recovery, I thought we should finish our Coffee goodie basket. I am so excited! Are you ready? What other things do you want to make with Coffee Oil? What […]

Coffee Oil Lotion

I will admit, I loved the soap we made yesterday. If fact, as soon as I could, I started to use a bar. Yes, that means I didn’t quite let it cure all the way, so it was a little soft but it is so very good! I couldn’t resist. […]

Coffee Oil Lip Balm

Okay, I admit I am a complete and total Java junkie. However China is a predominately a tea drinking culture. Don’t get me wrong, I love tea. I just happen to be craving coffee and it kills me because here in a Beijing a simple cup of joe is a […]

Coffee Oil Soap

Coffee Oil. This scrumptious oil is new to our catalog and it is simply wonderful. I have never smelled anything that smells so like a small Mom & Pop coffee shop. This oil is very dark in color and I found it begging me to make a lip balm with […]

Coffee Oil Lip Balm

It's National Coffee Day!
It’s National Coffee Day and I’m celebrating with a delicious cup of Caffe Ibis Fresh Vanilla coffee. Since I adore coffee, I thought I would share some of my favorite ingredients and recipes for coffee inspired handmade products! After all, who better to give you a tour of the world […]

It’s National Coffee Day!

Recently, we offered a beginners soap making class, we had a few students that never made soap before and some that had made a few batches but wanted to focus on the cold process soap-making techniques. During this class each participant had the opportunity to make several batches of soap […]

Caffe Latte Cold Process Soap

Recently, Carolyn asked if we would consider reformulating our Coffee Butter Latte Cream to include Coffee Oil. I had been considering reformulating and Carolyn gave me that extra boost of encouragement to make this new formulation!I made the light formula that uses Isopropyl Myristate to help reduce the greasy feeling […]

Coffee Latte Body Cream