Easy Caramel Coffee Lip Balm with Coffee Butter

caramel latte with finished jars of caramel coffee lip balm
Finished jars of Caramel Coffee Lip Balm with a mug of caramel latte and candy.

Yesterday, we shared a reel on Facebook and Instagram of our Coffee Butter being scooped, and we decided that it would be so much fun to show you how to turn any of our Lip Solutions into a coffee lip balm. I took inspiration from the blog archives in this old post from 2009, Coffee Lip Balm.

Come join us in the blog kitchen for an easy project!

What You’ll Need


Shea Butter Lip Solutions
Coffee Butter

Beeswax Granules, Light
Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
Sugar Baby II Flavor Oil


Microwave-safe container
Silicone Scraper
Jars and Lids


72% Shea Butter Lip Solutions
11% Coffee Butter
11% Beeswax Granules, Light
3% Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
3% Sugar Baby II Flavor Oil
10.08 ounces Shea Butter Lip Solutions
1.54 ounces Coffee Butter
1.54 ounces Beeswax Granules, Light
0.42 ounces Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
0.42 ounces Sugar Baby II Flavor Oil
285.8 grams Shea Butter Lip Solutions
43.7 grams Coffee Butter
43.7 grams Beeswax Granules, Light
11.9 grams Caramel Toffee Flavor Oil
11.9 grams Sugar Baby II Flavor Oil

Weigh everything into a microwave-safe container except the Sugar Baby II Flavor and Caramel Toffee Flavor. Heat gently until everything is liquid. If you have a few stubborn pieces of wax, remove the container from the microwave and stir until melted. Add the flavor oils and mix well. Pour the lip balm into your containers. If you are using tubes, you can either pipette the lip balm into the tubes or use one of our fabulous filling trays! Allow the lip balm to cool. Cap and enjoy!

Lip Balm Notes: I love this lip balm’s creamy and glossy texture! This lip balm has a heavier glossy feeling that is perfect for giving my winter-chapped lips some remarkable TLC. I was even impressed that I could keep a tube next to a pocket warmer without having my lip balm melt! This is definitely a great lip balm for year-round use. Would I make this recipe again? Oh yeah!

I made lots of samples to share with all of our #adventurousmakers. Don’t forget to request a sample with your next order!

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