Welcome back to day 2 of Blueberry Week! I am really excited for today’s recipe, which is a Blueberry Bliss Body Scrub. Body scrubs are a life saver! They help get all that old dead skin off and leave your skin feeling fresh and new. I always use a body scrub before shaving because it [...]

Blueberry Week Day 2 – Blueberry Bliss Body Scrub

Finished Blooming Blueberry Bath Oil Today we are kicking off the start of a new blog series dedicated to blueberries. Every day this week I will release a blueberry-themed recipe. To start off, I’m making a Blooming Blueberry Bath Oil. I’ve told you guys in my past blogs that I freaking love baths, I have a [...]

Blueberry Week Day 1 – Blooming Blueberry Bath Oil

Finished Lotion! Let me just start by saying I love my job. Most of my day is helping people over the phone, through email or in person how to make exactly what they want. I love talking people though the math and helping them realize that balancing their check book is more work than creating a [...]

My First Lotion! – MMS Customer Stories

I love Christmas and the joy it brings. So when I discovered one of those Chocolate Oranges left over from Christmas the other night, I was immediately walking down memory lane. I remember as a young girl sitting at the kitchen table, giggling at whatever board game we had been playing and watching my father [...]

Christmas Inspired Chocolate Orange Lip Balm

Thank you for being an adventurous maker with us! 2
Generally, our blog posts consist of a tutorial on how to make your favorite products. We don’t always need to share a set of instructions, and sometimes we really need to share a good, old-fashioned thank you. Thank you for being an adventurous maker with us! Today I am coming to all of you to say thank [...]

A Special Thanks for our Adventurous Makers

It's a winter storm warning!
We’re under a winter storm warning this weekend and we are expecting 3 to 8 inches of snow to fall between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. The storm warning has a note that we could have up to 16 inches of snow in some areas of our valley and based on our experience with recent [...]

Winter Storm Warning for this Weekend!

Finished Perfect Cuticle Jelly In yesterday’s blog, I told you about my quest to formulate The Perfect Cuticle Jelly. After making multiple test batches, I have finally come up with the perfect recipe. All I needed was a little more Castor Oil to really give it that jelly-like texture. I lowered the amount of Oil Perfection Base [...]

The Perfect Cuticle Jelly

Samples of my test batches for the Cuticle Jelly. 1
When first making a new recipe it is always best to make a test batch. I’ve learned this the hard way. Being super impatient has caused me to skip making a test batch multiple times and it is the worst when I make a ton of something, and I don’t even like it. Samples of my [...]

The Quest for The Perfect Cuticle Jelly

Finished Magical Bath Fizzies For today’s blog I thought we would do a fun project for St. Patrick’s Day, so I made a batch of Magical Bath Fizzies. You are probably wondering what makes these so magical. At first glance, these may look boring but once you start sprinkling it in the tub, the fizzing begins [...]

Magical Bath Fizzies for St. Patty’s Day

Have you ever ordered an oil and upon your box arriving, opened everything up and wonder why a product is so different from what you have gotten in the past? Welcome to natural variation; the delight, and horror, that every crafter will experience at some point. Think about it this way. Do you ever have [...]

My Oils Are Different! What Do I Do?

We love jokes!
Here at TheSage.com, we love to laugh! The warehouse rings with laughter every day and we are always on the hunt for new jokes. We love jokes! If you have received a shipment confirmation email from us recently, have you noticed a question at the end? If you have any questions or want to share a good belly-laugh [...]

Laughter is Good for the Soul

Tina read a lot of books in 2017!
At the beginning of January, I asked you to guess how many books Tina read last year. We got many guesses, and they ranged all over the board from 5 all the way to 259! You may be asking, how many books did she read? Tina read 101 books in 2017! There were all sorts [...]

Books Read in 2017! Guessing Contest Results!