Applying a pea sized amount of lip scrub to the lips.
Applying a pea sized amount of lip scrub to the lips.We released a recipe for a Strawberry Banana Lip Balm. That delicious lip balm had me wanting to find another strawberry banana lip product that I could make. I picked a lip scrub as they are super easy to make. Join me in the kitchen [...]

Strawberry Banana Lip Scrub

Completely mixed Lavender Tub Tea.
Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’ll be spending your Valentines Day with someone special or not, you should set some time aside to pamper yourself. A lavender tub tea for a relaxing Valentines Day treat. Valentines Day doesn’t have to be all about giving gifts to others, it can also be about loving yourself. You deserve to be [...]

Valentines Tub Tea – Lavender

I love our Vanilla Cream and wanted to tell the world about this delicious fragrance! It’s a beautiful and soft scent that smells just like its name. I’m talking about a creamy, warm, and comforting vanilla. It makes me feel content and put at ease whenever I smell it. I think everyone would enjoy this [...]

Fun & Easy Head to Toe Cream with Vanilla Cream

If you have even been to the MMS facility on a Monday, you know things can get chaotic. Today has been no exception but I am thrilled to announce a few changes that occurred in our catalog today! Are you ready? Because what I have lined up is going to rock your world! First, we added [...]

Monday Madness Means Great Things!

Example of the soap Amy will be making in the video!
It’s time for another Soap Challenge Club over at Great Cake Soapworks! Amy is sharing her tutorial for CP + MP Designs. These challenges are lots of fun, a great way to learn a few new techniques, a chance for meeting soapmakers from around the world and getting inspiration for your next soaps! Example of the [...]

February 2017 Soap Challenge Club at Great Cakes Soapworks!

Hoarfrost on dry ornamental grass.
Hoarfrost on dry ornamental grass. I’ve spent my day so far listening to the news that Punxsutawney Phil has predicted another 6 weeks of winter. I’ve heard contradictory reports from plant scientists and horse folk that spring is coming early since plants are blooming early and horses have already started shedding. As I look out the [...]

Groundhog Day and 6 more weeks of Winter

We live and work in a beautiful area! I see all sorts of critters on my way to work and this morning was no exception. On the way to work, I pass a flock of gorgeous wild turkeys almost every day, and I thought you would love to see these birds. I hope you enjoy this [...]

Wednesday Wonders! Wild Turkeys

The complete color collection of lip balm tube caps.
The new Latte Lip Balm Tube Cap! I’m so excited to tell you about the newest Lip Balm Tube Cap! I think the Latte Lip Tube Cap is the cutest darn cap ever! Here are a few reasons why you should show these new caps a little love. Make a coffee flavored lip balm? Check! ✔ Make a [...]

Meet Latte! The Newest Lip Balm Tube Cap!

Closed for Team Training!
Closed for Team Training! I’m popping in to let you know that our office will be closed to the public on Friday, February 3rd for a team training day. We will not be shipping orders or be answering phones as we are going to be away on our training adventure! We hope that you don’t [...]

Upcoming Team Training Day!

The results are in! 3
Two weeks ago, I asked you to guess how many books Tina read last year. We got many guesses, and they ranged all over the board from 5 all the way to 420! You may be asking, how many books did she read? Tina read 125 books in 2016! There were all sorts of books [...]

Guessing Contest Results!

Finished tubes of the Spiced Orange Lip Balm. 2
Finished tubes of the Spiced Orange Lip Balm.I just made the Spiced Orange Lip Scrub and now to follow up, I’m going to share the companion lip balm! This spiced orange lip balm is pleasantly spiced and I think it’s a well balanced flavor that would be loved year round. This lip balm glides on smoothly [...]

Spiced Orange Lip Balm

The finished lip scrub. 2
The finished lip scrub. Today we made a spiced Orange Lip Scrub. It’s the middle of our winter, and my lips are chapped! I didn’t know what to do with my lips, so I asked for an idea to make my lips feel smoother. After I had tried lip scrub, I was surprised how great [...]

Spiced Orange Lip Scrub