Help! Help! I am looking for anyone who has made the Manly Balm Lip Balm! If you, or anyone you know, has made the Manly Balm Lip Balm, please contact me immediately! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Help! Have you made the Manly Balm Lip Balm?

Hello, adventurous makers! I wanted to pop in and write a quick blog about immersion blenders. Cracked Immersion Blender Lately, I have noticed a lot of my soaps have air bubbles.  After doing some thorough investigating, I discovered that my immersion blender blade is cracked! A cracked or bent immersion blender blade can cause unwanted air to [...]

Is Your Immersion Blender Working Against You? 2 Problems – ...

At times I have a tough job to come up with new blog ideas and sometimes I will find myself stumped for a few days! To try to come up with new ideas, I asked the ladies in the warehouse for some ideas or products they might use. One of the gals mentioned that she [...]

Shower Diffuser Disks

My number one, all-time favorite fruit is raspberries. One of my favorite desserts is a Razzleberry Pie. MMMMMM! For quite some time I have wanted to make some kind of Raspberry Scrub. One of my favorite parts about my job is when I try products outside of work and then I’m inspired to try to [...]

Scrumptious Whipped Raspberry Sugar Scrub

If you are trying to contact us today, we are having intermittent connection from our internet service provider due to a car accident out on the highway. There are pieces of broken glass and automobile parts everywhere and that will take a little bit to clean up before the repair crews can come in to [...]

We’re here! We’re just having internet and phone issues!

Finished jars of the Facebook Live body cream after being scented.
Katy and I recently hopped on Facebook to do a live video and talk about scaling your batches of lotion. We were both nervous at first, but luckily we were very surprised by how much fun it was. Today, I’ll show you how to take the math of a recipe and scale your recipes into larger [...]

Facebook Live – Big Batch Lotions & Math

I have a hobby addiction. I make lotions, soaps, lip balms and bath fizzies. I dabble in painting with acrylics and watercolors. I love to garden and bring fresh herbs and produce into the house to cook with. I enjoy paper-crafts like letter writing, origami and calligraphy. I love to bead and embroider. You would [...]

Simple DIY Thread Wax

On Friday, we released a blog talking about all the different things that our Lip Solutions can be used for. So today I wanted to show you how to make an easy mosquito repellent balm. The weather here in Utah is still wet and cold, but I am busy dreaming of going fishing and camping [...]

How to Make a Folk Remedy Mosquito Repellent

We've got a little extra relief for your pocketbook and piggy bank!
It’s the Saturday before taxes are due and some of us are finishing up filing our taxes. To give you some of the best money-saving news for your weekend, I’m offering a unique code to give you a tax relief discount! We’ve got a little extra relief for your pocketbook and piggy bank! This coupon code is [...]

Tax Relief Order Discount

Recently we had a customer who asked for our help formulating a lotion bar. We recommended using the Shea Lip Solutions and adding some silicone oils to give it the glide she was looking for. That got me thinking, what else can the Lip Solutions be used for? I went to all of the ladies [...]

Lip Solutions – For More Than Just Lips

Today’s recipe is for an easy, do it yourself hair removal sugar wax. I’m kicking myself for just barely realizing how simple it to make your own hair removal wax. This recipe only uses a couple ingredients that you most likely have in your kitchen right now. Finished Sugar Wax We all know the absolute pains of [...]

DIY Easy Hair Removal Sugar Wax

Here at MMS, we have an aloe plant that has been here for a long, long time! So many new aloe plants have started popping up in the planter and I decided it was time to recycle some of the big, old leaves by making soap! The Majestic Mountain Sage Aloe Plant Little did I know that [...]

Fresh Aloe Soap