We’re hiring! The Sage is hiring! We have openings for two different positions. First we need some help in our graphics department. This position can be done from home anywhere in the US. This person will be responsible for designing labels. We are looking for someone with a creative eye that can design labels and help [...]

Majestic Mountain Sage Is on the Hunt for Some New ...

Howdy adventurous makers! I was just sitting here brainstorming new ideas for the blog. I realized that we do not have a shampoo bar recipe on our blog. So that is what I am going to share with you today! I am really excited. Finished Shampoo Bar I have never actually tried a shampoo bar until now, [...]

Top Secret Recipe – The Ultimate Poo Bar

Yesterday I attempted to make a hair mask, and I’ll admit that recipe was a bit of a disaster. First, I had the issue with the mixture not being smooth or cohesive. Instead of a cohesive mixture, I had flakes of Conditioning Emulsifier floating throughout the mixture. So I went back to the drawing board. [...]

Creating a Coconut Hair Mask – Day 2

Today I wanted to make a hair mask that would be for intense hydrating and hair repair. I am looking forward to making this recipe. I have used a few hair masks before and I love how soft and shiny my hair is after using one. My hair feels stronger and is dreamy to brush [...]

Trying to Make a Coconut Hair Mask – Day 1

Today I made my third and final batch of Rose and Milk Soap. I think this time I may have hit the jackpot. I finally made a bar of soap that I think is beautiful enough to give to my own mother. Finished Rose and Milk Soap After making my first batch of ugly soap, Taylor gave [...]

Rose and Milk Soap – A Mother’s Day Gift Day ...

Rose Milk Soap Day 2 Welcome back to day 2 of my Rose and Milk Soap adventure. I was not happy with how yesterday’s soap turned out. So, today I am sharing another recipe for a Rose and Milk Soap. After making the world’s ugliest soap, Andee gave me a suggestion. She told me to try [...]

Rose and Milk Soap – A Mother’s Day Gift Day ...

There is nothing that a mother loves more than receiving a gift made by their child. I can’t believe my mom still has every single drawing I ever brought home from school. There is nothing that woman needs more than some pampering. Am I right? I think that homemade bath products are the best idea [...]

Rose and Milk Soap – A Mother’s Day Gift Day ...

A couple weeks ago, Andee and I sat down to ponder what should we make to take to the HSCG Conference. She mentioned how people always go crazy over Our Favorite Orange Butter Lip Balm. People have commented about how they were so surprised to learn the orange flavor only came from the Orange Butter [...]

Do You Want the Fuzz or the Navel? A Delectable ...

Juicy Peach Lotion Hello adventurous makers! This year, the annual HSCG Conference is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of the peaches. As part of our goodie bags, we have included a Peach Lotion. To make it easy we made this lotion using our Goat Milk Cream Base, it is quite thick and feels luxurious on [...]

HSCG Conference – Juicy Peach Lotion

In the past, we have shared a few blogs about using Paprika Powder as a natural colorant in soaps. A lot of people are surprised to find that Paprika can be used to color soaps. One of the ladies down in the warehouse said,”Paprika? Like the one you use to cook with?” While our Paprika [...]

Using Paprika Powder as a Natural Colorant in Soap

As long as I have been working here on the blog, I have always referred to old blog recipes to help me formulate my lip balms. Recently, I went to Taylor and asked,”How do I come up with my own lip balm formulations? I don’t even know where to start!” Finished tubes of the Fruit Smoothie [...]

Fruit Smoothie Lip Balm

I am super excited to share this recipe with you today. The idea to make this Key Lime Pie Lip Balm sprung into my head as I was eating a cup of key lime pie yogurt. Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite desserts and since I am too busy to make it, the [...]

My, My, My Key Lime Pie