Emergency 4
Today is a crazy day. Not only are we working hard to get your orders out the door but we are fielding a record number of phone calls and email. Let me help a few of you by addressing a scenting issue here. Scenting options: There are books on the market which recommend using essential oils at [...]

Safety and stewardship – my thoughts on the subject

Finished Nude Lip Tints
Nude Lip Tint Label Last week I shared a recipe on how to make your own Plum Lip Tint. Today I am sharing a recipe on making a Nude Lip Tint. This Lip Tint adds just a slight amount of color to your lips, not enough to make a huge difference. I think it gives your [...]

How to Make a Nude Lip Tint

If you love to bake then you need this book!
If you love to bake then you need this book! I enjoy baking but the person on staff who really turns baking into a magical art is Andee. It is always a delight to walk into the door of the office and find that she baked the night before. Andee is famous here for her brownies [...]

Heaven in a Cookbook – Judy Rosenburg’s The ...

How do you apply your perfume? 2
How do you apply your perfume? Our technical support team was recently asked a question about perfumes. The asker wants to know if she can use our fragrance oils straight from the bottle as a perfume. The answer is NO! Each of our fragrance oils is very concentrated. We want people to dilute the fragrance oil into a [...]

Perfumes – dilution is the solution!

Mary's knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother.
Mary’s knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother. Have you ever wished you could clearly explain what you see? Sometimes when I am in a class and demonstrating I will explain there are fine differences from one phase to the next while making soap. It can be quite difficult to see these minor changes while one [...]

Can you see what I see?

Capture some sunshine! 8
Capture some sunshine! Okay, some days can seem to start out great then flip topsy turvey, leaving me feeling stressed, sad or even melancholy. Those are the days where I just want to go home, pull the covers over my heads and wait for things to get better. While it certainly sounds good, all of us [...]

Sun Shine Day Challenge

Finished Plum Lip Tint
  Plum Lip Tint Label As I sit here and scroll the vast universe that is Instagram, I see that dark lip colors are slowly becoming more and more popular. I know that many people think this is a little crazy. I was initially nervous about wearing a dark lip color cause I have very light skin [...]

How to Make a Plum Lip Tint

Time to sit down and plan for the holidays!
Time to sit down and plan for the holidays! It may seem rather early to start planning for Christmas but you can’t deny that it is coming and will be here sooner than most of us know it. So what does that mean for you? Start making a plan for the things you want to make [...]

Orders and Planning for Christmas

Everything you will need to make a Simple Car Freshener 2
Everything you will need to make a Simple Car Freshener   With Summer brings the heat, and the heat brings on all kinds of stinky smells. I made the mistake of leaving a left over burrito in the back seat of my car. Let’s just say, it certainly doesn’t smell good in there. So, today I am going to [...]

Simple Car Freshener

Our fabulous label!
Finished Rose Scented Cold Cream I adore going through antique shops and finding things that have history. Don’t get me wrong. I love the conveniences of the modern age but there is something romantic and elegant about the things that have survived hundreds of years. Lotions and cold creams have been made at home for a [...]

Rose Scented Cold Cream with High Lycopene Oil

High Lycopene Oil 2
High Lycopene Oil Recently we released a new product called High Lycopene Oil. Our High Lycopene oil is a combination of tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, coconut oil fractions and sunflower oil. This oil also has an added antioxidant and is 100% natural, making it even more desirable. The usage rate on High Lycopene Oil is [...]

New Product: High Lycopene Oil

I adore fresh peppermint! 2
I adore fresh peppermint! I absolutely adore peppermint. While sometimes the essential oil is too potent for me to work with, I still adore peppermint. I actually have a peppermint plant in the company garden though I am forced to keep it in a pot to prevent it from taking over. I personally wouldn’t mind if [...]

Garden Spotlight – Peppermint