Finished bars of The Meadow soap.
Last weekend, I got together with a friend to have a girl’s day. We had a blast laughing, making cookies, and a batch of melt and pour soap. We decided to make a soap scented with a fresh, spring-like scent and when my friend gushed about The Meadow, I asked her to help me write [...]

Making M&P Soap with Girlfriends

Finished bars of Somali Rose soap.
Finished bars of Somali Rose soap.Today, I’m featuring a beautiful Somali Rose Soap. After the first sniff, I colored this soap pink and added glitter before I even read the online description. The catalog says “Somali Rose is a super subtle rose with soft chocolate, sandalwood, anise, musk and a twist of green moss. It [...]

Somali Rose Melt and Pour Soap

We'll be busy shipping your orders!
We’ll be busy shipping your orders!I’m popping in to let you know that our office will be closed to the public on Monday, May 1st. We will be shipping all orders, but we will not be answering phones. We hope that you don’t have an emergency question on a Monday, but if you do, please [...]

Heads Up! Schedule Change for May 1st

Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil 9
It’s Wednesday, and I have a funny picture to share with you! A green dog and all I can do is laugh!Yesterday evening, I decided to take advantage of the clear sky and mow the lawn. After I had finished mowing the lawn, the dogs raced outside to play on the grass and get their last [...]

Laughter and Freebie Wednesday! Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil

Finished bars of Wild Mint & Ivy transparent soap. 2
Finished bars of Wild Mint & Ivy transparent soap.I love watching spring transform into summer. I love the lush green and mildly unpredictable weather. I am watching my rhubarb grow anxiously, and I am changing out all of my salt potpourris from the delicious Vanilla Hazelnut to the light, green scent of Wild Mint and [...]

Wild Mint & Ivy Transparent Soap

Will a surprise box be headed your way? 7
Will a surprise box be headed your way?One of our “Emergency! Snow! Rain! Wind! Shipping Delays!” goodie box winners, Peggy, wrote us to let us know her box had arrived just in time to lift her spirits from a hard time in her life. Peggy’s card came and put smiles on the faces of everyone [...]

A Wonderful Letter to Share and a Surprise!

So, I don’t know about all you but I have the poofiest hair, ever. It runs in our family. My younger sister has to go to a special salon to get her hair cut because most hair stylists won’t even touch it it’s so bad. This is why I was so [...]

Poodle Poof-Reborn

I like to think that I have had many brilliant ideas. Some ideas simply do not execute quite the way I had planned. (My shrimp scrub is an excellent example of this.) While I often must turn these into the great idea recycle pile, I always learn something that is quite valuable. And that brings [...]

Tamanu Oil, Lip Gloss and Puppies

Finished jars of the Hemp Face Cream.
The weather is changing again, and that means my skin needs some extra TLC. Today I wanted to make an easy face cream that is rich and moisturizing, yet light and creamy. While there are a lot of great oils to choose from, I wanted to use our Natural Hemp Oil. Finished jars of the Hemp [...]

Hemp Oil Face Cream

Hip hip hurray! We have the greatest news ever! We have a new website! We would like to invite you to check out our new website and see how your favorite supplier just got better! We may have changed a few categories, but we have not discontinued any products when we changed to the new website. In [...]

Check Out Our New Website!

Finished bottles of Plumeria Bubble Bath with glitter!
I’m firmly of the opinion that you just can’t go wrong with a bubble bath to wash away all your worries. Finished bottles of Plumeria Bubble Bath with glitter!To share my love of bubble baths with you, I decided to make a batch of Bubble Bath scented with Plumeria. I enjoy Plumeria and think it is [...]

Plumeria Bubble Bath with Denim Blue Glitter

Avocado Butter I am so thrilled to announce that we have a new size of Avocado Butter on our website! You asked for a larger size and we heard! We now offer the Avocado Butter in a 55.1 lb size! Avocado Butter is perfect in soaps, lotions, salves and my personal favorite, lip balms! We have featured [...]

Avocado Butter Galore!