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Finished Rose Scented Cold Cream I adore going through antique shops and finding things that have history. Don’t get me wrong. I love the conveniences of the modern age but there is something romantic and elegant about the things that have survived hundreds of years. Lotions and cold creams have been made at home for a [...]

Rose Scented Cold Cream with High Lycopene Oil

High Lycopene Oil 2
High Lycopene Oil Recently we released a new product called High Lycopene Oil. Our High Lycopene oil is a combination of tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, coconut oil fractions and sunflower oil. This oil also has an added antioxidant and is 100% natural, making it even more desirable. The usage rate on High Lycopene Oil is [...]

New Product: High Lycopene Oil

I adore fresh peppermint! 2
I adore fresh peppermint! I absolutely adore peppermint. While sometimes the essential oil is too potent for me to work with, I still adore peppermint. I actually have a peppermint plant in the company garden though I am forced to keep it in a pot to prevent it from taking over. I personally wouldn’t mind if [...]

Garden Spotlight – Peppermint

Yowza! It’s August and I’m excited to share the products for our August Doggy Dozen Program. I’m going to ask that you don’t hit me over the head yet because this list was inspired by lip balms and lotion bars, so I’ve picked another round of twelve items that will make great lotion bars, lip balms [...]

Doggy Dozen for August 2016

Front Desk at MMS Office 1
Front Desk at MMS Office If you are from around these parts then it is most likely you have come into our office to pick up one of your orders. At the front desk you will see Andee’s beautiful, smiling face and also a soap dish with a few soap samples in it. We are on the [...]

Fill the Soap Dish

All you will need to make Green Mango Bubble Bath I have been working on my Spring cleaning. I know, I know, It’s summer! But with all the craziness life has to offer me I find myself in a never ending loop of cleaning. The other day I happened to be going through some of the [...]

Green Mango Bubble Bath

I have talked many times about how powerful scent is but it can be really easy to disregard. So when my grandmother recently ended up at a care facility after breaking her hip, I made it a routine to go visit after work and have dinner together. We have both loved the time together and [...]

Lily of the Valley Hand Cream

I need practice meditation and finding my inner calm!
I need practice meditation and finding my inner calm! Some days it is hard for me to keep still. (Okay, make it most days.) My days tend to be high energy and fast paced chaos, riddled insanity. I have been trying to learn how to tone down my intense personality because it can really overwhelm people. [...]

Tranquility Massage Oil

Nutshell Potpourri
Nutshell Potpourri These days it seems very easy to get lost in the craziness that is Christmas. The hustle and bustle of trying to find last minute presents and attending family Christmas parties. During this time of celebration, remember what exactly you are celebrating. Value, the value of family and friends and those relationships. So when [...]

Nutshell Potpourri

Finished Candy Cane Bath Salt
Finished Candy Cane Bath Salt One of the best parts of Christmas is all of the delicious treats that come out during Christmas time. Peppermint candies, candy canes, and home made toffee are a few of my favorites. This last Christmas was the first time I ever made my own home made toffee. After 4 failed attempts I [...]

Candy Cane Bath Salts

Heated Lip Solutions
Photo of Gingerbread houses Another one of my favorite treats around Christmas time is gingerbread cookies. Yes, I know, I have a lot of favorite treats. But you know how I am, I just can’t stay away from sugar! We have a delicious Gingerbread and Spice Fragrance Oil but no flavor oil so I set out [...]

Gingerbread Cookie Lip Balm

Finished Room Spray
Finished Room Spray Happy Tuesday everyone! I am so excited for Christmas. (Wait, what? Christmas?) YES CHRISTMAS! There is officially 151 days until Christmas. To help you get prepared we are going to have Christmas in July all this week. I’ve come up with some super fun recipes that I can’t wait to share with you. Today’s recipe [...]

Gingerbread and Spice Room Spray