Photo Courtesy of Yu Yang During the course of my lifetime, the shipping/packaging industry has changed a lot. As consumers request sturdier packaging and greener shipping options, things change. I feel like we have made great strides on the materials we use to ship our packages out. However, we still receive packages with materials such as [...]

Recycling at the MMS Facility

These bath salts are so much fun! There is nothing more refreshing than a big cup of green tea in the morning. I prefer mine with a little lemon and honey, others like is just plain or maybe with a little peach! My love for green tea inspired me to make these refreshing Green Tea Bath [...]

Green Tea Bath Salts

Today is Boxing Day! This day is set aside to remember how lucky we are and to consider those who need assistance. We all have things around the home that can be donated to charity. Coats, mittens, hats, socks and boots are especially helpful to people in need. If you received new towels for Christmas [...]

Boxing Day

Christmas has long been my favorite holiday of the whole year. I don’t worry about what holidays you celebrate, just that you know you have a team of people who care about you. Today is my day to enjoy my family and remind them that I think about them all year long. I want to remind [...]

My favorite holiday – a gift of thanks

The USPS and UPS are hard at work delivering packages to all of you. I know it has been a hard year for getting Christmas deliveries because the systems have been overwhelmed! Please know that the services that MMS uses are working till they fall over from exhaustion to get packages to their destination on [...]

Deliveries are being made!

Boot ComparisonWhat a difference! Leather boots are favored in our area for their durability and long life. They can handle sun, wind, rain and snow will little issue. Every morning, I put on my hefty pair of boots and make my way down to feed my goats and chickens their breakfast. Leather boots are really great [...]

Leather Boot Polish and Conditioner

Finished Tubes of the Plain Veggie Lip Solutions.
Recently we released a new Lip Solutions into our catalog. In the past we had a Vegan Lip Solutions, unfortunately we had to discontinue it due to a global shortage of a  particular ingredient. Rather that trying to keep an ingredient that has low availability and sky high prices, we decided to go back to [...]

Plain Veggie Lip Balm

Finished Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Salts.
Finished Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Salts.Today has been a crazy day here at The Sage. We have been working hard to get all of your orders out the door. I just got done packing a ba-jillion boxes so they can ship today. Whew! Okay, so I might be exaggerating a little bit but my body sure [...]

Eucalyptus Spearmint Bath Salts

Today is it! This is our very last day to have you place an order that we will ship in 2016. Starting tomorrow all orders are collected and will ship in 2017. We are working through tomorrow to get your orders out the door. When UPS picks up we will all go home and start [...]

Last day to order for 2016 shipping!

The finished Green Mango Bath Salts.
The finished Green Mango Bath Salts. I absolutely love soaking in the bath. There is something about the combination of hot water and bath salts that help me relax like no other.  Around this time of year, I find myself taking more and more baths, so I think bath salts are the perfect gift. I know [...]

Green Mango Bath Salts

The finished Coconut Lemongrass shampoo sample!
The finished Coconut Lemongrass shampoo sample!Today we made shampoo with Coconut Lemongrass fragrance in it. I love it! Coconut Lemongrass is a sweet, grassy smell with hints of coconut. It is an amazing scent in shampoo. You only need a little of the fragrances found in our catalog as a little [...]

Coconut Lemongrass Daily Shampoo

Mixing Lotion Do you make your lotions and creams with a phases process? This refers to all water ingredients heated in one pot and all oil ingredients heated in another pot? If you do this you are using a technique called phases. Here at TheSage.com we teach how to make lotions by heating all ingredients together. We [...]

Making Lotions – do you use phases?