Finished Bath Crayons!
When I was younger, my mom bought me bath crayons so I could do what every kid wants to do – draw on the bathroom walls. Now that I am grown, I miss the bath time fun I had when I was younger. I always had to bring in all my toys, and it was [...]

Fun in the tub with Bath Crayons

Red licorice is a staple Halloween candy. That sweet cherry-berry flavor is so good! I once lived near a Twizzler’s plant, and I have enjoyed tours through the manufacturing kitchen. The best part about having a Twizzler’s plant nearby was that the licorice sold at the local movie theater was ultra-fresh, soft, and truly delicious. I [...]

Halloween Treats: Red Licorice Lip Scrub

Finished lotion tests with scrubby mitts and a bath pouf.
My first thought after finishing the first batch was that this lotion was not as thick as I’d wanted. I wanted something closer to a body butter consistency. I decided to give it a try anyway. Maybe we will love it! Coconut Oil/Squalane formula. The first batch used Coconut Oil and Squalane. It’s a nice lotion that [...]

So Sensitive Lotion – Day 5: Reflections on the Finished ...

After making yesterday’s batch of lotion, it was apparent that the batch was too small for proper testing while slathering the whole body. I decided to double the batch with today’s recipe, which uses Avocado Butter and Oat Oil with the same basic recipe as yesterday. I’m excited to see how this recipe turns out [...]

So Sensitive Lotion – Day 4: Second Batch with Avocado ...

Skin suffers in cold, dry climates, and Alaska is all that. My husband has the added complication of having ultra-sensitive skin, which makes it tough to find a lotion or cream that will not aggravate his skin. A few years ago, he began using coconut oil as his primary moisturizer. Yes, it keeps his skin [...]

So Sensitive Lotion – Day 3: First Batch & Math

Sensitive skin is a common problem. Many skin care products are created specifically for sensitive skin, but they tend to be terribly expensive and perhaps not quite what is desired. In my quest to make a lotion that would pamper dry and sensitive skin, I took the basic ingredients from yesterday’s blog and added a [...]

So Sensitive Lotion – Day 2: Sensitive Skin Ingredients

Embarking on a new adventure is so much fun, but how do you know what to bring along? I really didn’t know what I’d need when embarking on a lotion-making adventure; I’ve never made this trip before! Fortunately, I have some experts in my corner, and they helped me put together a nice kit of [...]

So Sensitive Lotion – Day 1: Necessities for a Lotion ...

We will close early on Halloween (Wednesday, Oct. 31) because we don’t like our staff driving on the roads with the kids out trick-or-treating. Please keep this in mind when ordering so you give yourself an extra day or two for your shipment to arrive. Don’t forget about the special offers we gave you last week [...]

Don’t Get Tricked!

Halloween brings haunting laughter, spooky sighs, and creaking sounds. To celebrate the goofy science experiments, bubbling potion cauldrons, and smoking beakers, I wanted to make this slime inspired body wash. This neon green concoction has a little sparkle from the Silver Mica and will appeal to the mad scientist in your life. A finished bottle of [...]

Halloween Treats: Electric Slime Wash

Finished bars of soap with embedded bat rings.
Do you know kids who love Halloween? Here’s an easy project that will have them “oohing” and “aahing” while they help make gifts for friends and family! Come join us in the blog kitchen for this easy project! Ingredients Melt & Pour Soap Base, Transparent Punch Party Fragrance Purple Raspberry Dye, premixed with water * Lemon Yellow Dye, premixed with water [...]

Halloween Treats: Easy Melt & Pour Soap with Embedded Toys

A finished bottle of Bloody Body Wash ready for labels. 4
In October, I love curling up with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and other vampire books while I sip a cup of tea. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys haunted houses or scary movies, but vampire stories have appealed to me since my introduction to Dracula as a teenager. A finished bottle of Bloody Body Wash [...]

Halloween Treats: Bloody Body Wash

The finished bars of soap with a subliminal message in the pencil line! 1
Halloween has been my favorite holiday for a long time! I love fun Halloween themed bath and body products because they bring the holiday into my self-care routine and allow me to celebrate for just a little while longer. This year, I decided I wanted to bring Halloween into my shower with a pencil line [...]

Halloween Treats: Subliminal Messages Bar Soap