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Mary's knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother.
Mary’s knitted blanket honoring her mother and grandmother. Have you ever wished you could clearly explain what you see? Sometimes when I am in a class and demonstrating I will explain there are fine differences from one phase to the next while making soap. It can be quite difficult to see these minor changes while one [...]

Can you see what I see?

Watson and Gracie – They aren’t sleeping, they are growing!Have you ever wondered what kinds of questions we get for our Technical Support team? Well, I can tell you the questions are all over the place and we must learn new things every day. I’ve learned about horses, armadillos, snakes, gophers, ingrown toe nails, threading [...]

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Irish Cream Sugary Lip Scrub 1
I enjoy seeing all the wonderful products that our customers make! I find every shop I visit to be inspirational in many ways. I want to share this inspiration with you by featuring a crafter just like you!Today, we are featuring an interview I have done with Lisa at ForGoodnessGrape. I hope you enjoy our [...]

Special Feature: Lisa at ForGoodnessGrape