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Planning for Pie Day – Scrumptious Apple Pie

Okay, so I want to share with you my favorite apple pie recipe of all time. I love this apple pie recipe. The apples are crisp and the flavor is just out of this world. You macerate the apples in apple cider, lemon juice, sugar and spices 1-24 hours before cooking. It may seem strange and different but trust me, people won’t stop at just one slice. This apple pie is THAT amazing. If you plan on making this pie for Pie Day, consider starting the night before to save some time. The apples gain amazing flavor during the maceration process. I could skip the pie crust and eat the apples as is. Yum!

Another thing I really like about this recipe is that it can make 3 or 4 pies. It really depends on your pie plates and how well you fill them. 😉 I will give you a warning. Your family will request this every year. Just don’t let on how easy it is!

Apple Cider
Dark Brown Sugar
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Extract (or Vanilla Bean Scraped)
Cinnamon, Ground
Nutmeg, Ground
Cloves, Ground
Ginger, Ground
Allspice, Ground
Clear Jel (Not instant)


Note that the italicized items are optional.
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Planning for Pie Day – Sweet and Simple Crust

Pie Day is on Wednesday. I adore Pie Day. It is the day where my family gets together and bakes like crazy. We bake for our own feast, we bake for friends and neighbors. It is not uncommon to “borrow” a pie plate and return it with a fresh baked pie. Our staff even gets to go home early to spend the time with their families. It is just magical.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pie recipes with you this holiday season. However, every great pie starts with and needs a good crust. Today I wanted to share my mother’s very own pie crust recipe. It is deceptively easy and gives a buttery, flaky crust that won’t crumble when it comes time to serve. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

All Purpose Flour
Unsalted Butter, Chilled
Ice Water

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Planning for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving2Thanksgiving is just next week and I am so excited. While I am excited for the turkey and anxiously awaiting the fluffy stuffing, I am really looking forward to the pie. As you doing your shopping this weekend, I want you to keep an eye out for fresh pumpkins. Next week I will show you how to make pumpkin pie leather. Whether you plan on making your own pie or eating someone else’s, if pumpkin pie is a family favorite you will want to make some pumpkin pie leather.

It is simple and the rewards are great. The resulting leather is healthful, yummy and feeds more than the body. While you can use canned pumpkin, I think you will like the fresh stuff better. Remember, you can even roast the seeds. My sister made some roasted pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and sugar. Wow! Those things are amazing.

Next week we will have a number of posts that are fun and laid back. Stop in. We will have some yummy recipes and some great laughs!

See you soon!


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Important! Have You Planned for Holiday Shipping?

Goodness gracious, oh my! Is it really the 19th of November? According to my calendar, it is and that means it is time to share the end of year schedule with you!

CalendarIt is the time of year that gets a little chaotic as we all try to plan for the holidays. We want to make sure you have the ability to plan for transit since you already know we will get your orders out quickly. Our team works hard to make sure all orders are shipped and our holiday schedule to designed to give everyone here at MMS some time with their families. Check our schedule and your supplies. If you need to place an order to get you through the holidays, make sure you place it while we are shipping your orders!

UPS has also released their holiday schedule and it will help you make sure you get your last minute gifts to family across the country or a few states away.

Don’t forget! All carriers may change their services without advance notice. Some areas may have limited service. All areas can be affected by weather disruptions.

I hope these schedules help!


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We Have Dirty Dogs and Other Soap Molds!

Dirty DogWe have dirty dogs! We released the cutest mold yesterday and I am in love. Our newest mold lets you clean your canine friend while telling them in no uncertain terms that they are a dirty dog. I think it is the funniest thing and I can’t wait to have my own dirty dog soap!

SlipperyWhenWetThe other soap mold that we released reminds the user that soap is slippery when wet. When I first saw this mold, I couldn’t stop laughing. This is the cutest safety warning I have seen in a long time.

What kind of soaps do you envision in these molds? I want to know!

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Necessities for Making Bath and Body Products and a Giveaway!

testingThere are a million and one reasons why you might be interested in making your own lotions, lip balms, soaps, perfumes, bath fizzies, foot soaks and all the other products that are part of personal care. Maybe you started on this journey due to allergies or you were looking for a way to save money. Perhaps you had a friend introduce you to the craft. I cannot possibly list all the factors that got you into this magical hobby.

Whatever the reason you are here, welcome. Ask questions. Send in ideas. We are your support/cheerleading team. Our team has over 20 years of crafting and teaching experience. Whatever you are planing to make, let us help you find the perfect recipe.

As the holidays approach there are a few things we cannot stress or recommend enough. If you want to be able to have consistent products every single time, we highly recommend getting a scale. Often a kitchen scale will work perfectly but the things you will be making and the size of your batches can change your scale needs drastically. For lip balm, we recommend getting a scale with 0.1 gram readability. For large batches of soap, we recommend a large capacity scale. If you want to do a little of everything, I highly recommend our 6100 Newton Compact Scale.  This little scale is a powerhouse. I use it for all of my baking and crafting needs. Wow!

Another thing we recommend is a good workbook/notebook. Taking good notes is critical to duplicating a recipe or pinpointing a problem lot. If you already have a good system, cudodos to you! It can be hard to develop a good system then make it a habit. If you are having trouble keeping good notes, I have  something that just may help. I have the perfect way to help keep track of recipes, dates and even those pesky lot numbers! I have a handy little sheet that you can print out and use to keep track of all of your notes!

To give a little jumpstart to  keeping your world organized, we are hosting a little giveaway! This giveaway includes a binder filled with blank sheets waiting to be filled out, two MMS pens and a soap mold! Wow! That is one awesome box. I have even better news! We will be choosing five winners. Just comment here on the blog telling us why you want to win. We will choose our winners on Thursday, November 12th. Be sure to enter!


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Secret Santa Exchange!

SecretSantaMMS is hosting a Secret Santa Exchange! The holidays are on their way and we want to get into the spirit! What better way to celebrate the holidays than sharing the joy and being a Secret Santa for a fellow Bath & Body crafter? Grab your stockings and sign up to share the cheer of the holidays!

To sign up, send us an email at telling us that you would like to participate.

When you send in your email, please include the following.

Your Name

The address you would like your package shipped to.

Your favorite color.

What types of thing you like. (Note: this does not have to be bath and body related.)

What types of flavors and scents you like.

Notes of importance such as allergies and other things.

If you are in Canada, would you be willing to ship to the USA? If you are in the USA, would you be willing to ship to Canada?

The deadline to sign up will be November 18th. You will receive your assigned person by November 20th.

Please send your package by December 12th so your package gets to your recipient by Christmas.

Gifts should have a value of $20 to $25 USD.

I am so excited about this! Will anyone else be pestering their mailman about packages this holiday season? I know I will! Have fun planning your holidays!


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Halloween Candy Inspired Bath Salts

There are only a few more days left until Halloween! I don’t know what you have planned for Saturday morning, but I’m considering locking myself in the bathroom with a collection of Halloween spa treats and pampering myself. Then I will be refreshed, beautified uglified and ready for a hoard of trick-or-treaters! Join me for perfect spa treat!

Candy Corn inspired bath salts.
Candy Corn inspired bath salts.
Today, I’m pulling a staff favorite out of the archives. In 2012, I wrote a post about Halloween Foaming Layered Bath Salts and our team loved them. Last week we got together and made a large batch of bath salts inspired by that very post! We made changes and you will find these bath salts so fun and easy to make that you will be able to make some right now.

What recipe did we follow? Check it out below!

Medium Bath Salt
Frosted Cupcakes Fragrance Oil
Lemon Sugar type Fragrance Oil
Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil
Red Color Spray made with Purple Raspberry Color and water*
Yellow Color Spray made with Lemon Yellow Color and water*
ScaleTransfer Pipettes
Bags or Containers for mixing
Containers for finished bath salts

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The Perfect Reason to Keep Good Notes

Everyone makes mistakes, even with things they are familiar with. Sometimes that means burning a dinner you can make with your eyes closed, backing up into the garage door or even forgetting where you left your keys. It is these things that make us so wonderfully human. That being said, being fallible and human isn’t easy. It can be frustrating and arduous.

My computer had more notes than this one!
My computer had more notes than this one!
One of my major failings in the blog kitchen is keeping track of my notes. I take great notes. I can always recreate what I did from my notes… so long as I can find them. How is it I can lose my notes so easily and rapidly? Inspiration always seems to strike me at the most inopportune moments so to deal with this, I have Post-It Note Pads all over the place! I have orange ones, pink ones, yellow ones, blue ones and even lime green ones!

These little flags of color get lost among their bright cousins, and until I decide to wade through them, they stand at attention, waiting for me to pick them up and put them to use again. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, a few weeks ago, I tested a recipe I created for a salve. The jar has squatted on my desk, its contents shrinking as I dip into it. I was commenting to Tina how much I was enjoying my little test batch. Of course she wanted to try too!

She loved it so much, she came back and said that she wanted the recipe. Uh oh. I was quite sure I had taped that little Post It into my ideas notebook but when I went looking, it was nowhere to be found. I was in a panic! What was I going to do? I scrambled my brains to try and remember the percentages and came up blank. I even tried to recreate it in the blog kitchen. While I came up with an excellent product, it wasn’t the same and not what Tina was looking for.

Fast forward to this week. I decided it was time to tackle the unruly fringe of Post It Notes my desk has been forced to wear for the last several weeks. As I taped formulas into my book, discarded random notes and doodles, I came across my missing recipe. I was so relieved. I thought it had been lost to the shredder, never to be recreated again!

I immediately taped it into my spiral bound note book. My notebook is like a recipe scrapbook. Once I tape in a recipe, I add the date (sometimes) and notes about what it was like, if I liked it and even little random things that day. My favorite random note talks about my dog sneezing and scaring himself. It makes me laugh every time! Poor guy. He will never live that down.

If I can, I will even add a picture of the product. While my memory tends to be pretty good, this college of notes makes sure that I don’t have to worry about remembering. I can always look it up! While this particular notebook only has twenty pages left, it has been my companion in the kitchen for over a year now. I will be sad when it no longer accompanies me to the kitchen but its dog-eared pages will have an excellent place on my bookshelf.

While this story has a happy ending, I was lucky. I will certainly be taking measures to prevent this from happening again. As I work to change my habits and practices, I would love to hear how you keep your thoughts, recipes and bits of inspiration in an organized fashion. If you have any stories of your own, please share!

Thanks and stick around for tomorrow I will share the original recipe that caused such heart ache and on Friday I will show my attempt at recreating the original. While both are delightful formulations, they are different. I can’t wait to show you!



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Rimmed Soaps – No Longer a Mystery

For the last couple of months, I have been marveling over pictures of round or square soaps that have a very unique edge. Admittedly, I’ve been stumped on how these soaps are made. This morning, I found a fabulous tutorial for making these soaps and I am super excited to schedule some time to make a batch of these soaps now!

Champagne Rose Rimmed Soap by Alaiyna B. Bath & Body.
Champagne Rose Rimmed Soap by Alaiyna B. Bath & Body.
Faith over at Alaiyna B. Bath & Body was kind enough to share her tutorial on her blog. I’m sharing the link with you because I think these are gorgeous soaps and if I want to try this method, you might too!

Once you read Faith’s tutorial, pop back over and let me know what kind of colors or scents you would use. Inspire me!

Photo credit: *This picture was taken by Faith Oriold and was published on her blog on October 9th, 2015. She retains all rights to this photo and the linked tutorial.


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