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Today is the most wonderful day of the Pie World. I love pie. Today I am making blueberry, apple, pecan and chocolate pecan. This morning, before we head back home, we are getting orders out the door. Our focus today is to ship everything we can by noon. Our hope is that we clear every [...]

Pie Day 2016

I am sure you have much on your mind so I will be brief. This week is Thanksgiving and we are making plans for meals, family and friends, pies AND YOUR ORDERS. It is very important to us that we get your orders out the door before we leave for the holiday. MMS will be working [...]

Thanksgiving – what to expect

I love these Pooping Promotes Literacy magnets! 2
I love these Pooping Promotes Literacy magnets!Today I need a breather. I am a bit disheartened that this presidential race has had more than enough of poop slinging. Today I am sharing with you a giggle to warm the heart and remind everyone we are here for the team, the whole team (Team Human).  A [...]

Pooping Promotes Literacy

Camping Toilet
Compost Bucket and Pen Jar Today we are going to talk about upcycling, MMS style! Whether its a bucket, plastic container, or glass jar, I find myself wanting to make something of it rather than just throwing it out. If you were to wander around the office and warehouse here at MMS you would see tons for [...]

Upcycling – MMS Style

Sliced Fresh Zucchini
Sliced Fresh Zucchini Here at The Sage we are lucky enough to have a garden at the office. When we have extra time we all chip in and pull weeds and water plants. Right now we are being overwhelmed with zucchini. We only have two plants out there, which may not seem like a lot but, [...]

Zucchini Overload

Cucumbers 2
Cucumbers The other day while I was mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest I came across something that said you could use Neem Oil in the garden to keep the bugs away. In our company garden we have three cucumber plants that were just being eaten alive, they looked on the verge of death. So I went to the [...]

Using Neem Oil in the Garden