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Our Research and Development team is often inundated with products to test, things to research and determining if a product deserves a place in our catalog. So, we are offering an opportunity to join the MMS Research and Development Team. How cool it that? You get to help choose what is in our catalog! We are [...]

We want YOU! Join the MMS R&D Department!

I love getting packages in the mail. Even if they are expected orders, they are always a treat to get and go through. 😀 (Plus, they always more fun to go through than the junk mail.) One great way to get a box of different and unexpected goodies is to participate in a swap. Not [...]

Kissable Lips Valentine Swap

Over the break, Cynthia emailed me, wanting help with a recipe for a lemon cuticle butter. She wanted something similar to Lush’s Lemony Flutter. She had seen a post that Andee had done for a Special Request Orange Cuticle Butter. Also, she didn’t have everything necessary for that recipe. She sent me a list of what [...]

Cupboard Recipe Request – Cynthia’s Lemon Cuticle Butter