Finished Blueberry Lip Scrub We are going to start out the day by making a Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub. After making that delicious Fresh Blueberry Lip Balm I want to try the Blueberry Flavor Oil in a lip scrub. I think that often people underestimate a lip scrub. They are awesome! I always use a lip [...]

Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub

The Finished Scrub 2
The Finished Scrub! Gorgeous, right? We have had a few storms roll through Northern Utah and it seems likes all of the moisture has been rung out of the air. This means everyone is suffering from really dry  skin. Today I wanted to make a body scrub that would gently exfoliate the skin and help the [...]

Easier Than Pie Body Scrub

Mixing all the ingredients together.
I may not be the resident scrub addict, but I do enjoy the occasional scrub for my own personal pampering. Since my shower is *gasp* dreadfully bare of any fun products, I decided to remedy the problem with this fast and simple scrub that is perfect for gifts or personal use. Finished Scrub This scrub is wonderful [...]

Simple Sugar Scrub

Weighing Dry Flo TS 1
Finished Scrub Ready to Use We have experienced a bit of a warm spell which means we have lots and lots of mud. (The rain is helping with this predicament.) It clings to dog paws and boots. A seemingly permanent layer has found itself on my floor and I just can’t seem to get rid of [...]

Mud Scrub – A Daily Facial Scrub

Beautiful Lip Scrub with Crystal Spatula 2
I think salt is amazing. Add a little to food and the flavors pop on your palette. Add salt to oils and you have an easy body scrub. Add salt to watercolors and get beautiful effects. Add salt to ice and you can make ice cream! Salt is truly amazing.  So when Andee approached me the [...]

Salty Margarita Lip Scrub