Spa Related

Fat quarters of fabric. Good afternoon everybody! After yesterday’s blog post I got to thinking. What if someone wants to make some Milky Tub Tea for Mother’s Day but doesn’t have any heat and seal tea bags around? So we started brainstorming and ended up with a great idea! I went to our local craft store and [...]

Fun Tub Tea Bags

Finished Lavender Blooming Bath Oil
I love taking baths, there is nothing more relaxing than coming home after a long day of work to a hot, steamy bath. While I consider myself a bath kind of person, I have never actually tried a bath oil and I thought that needed to change. So Andee made me a batch to take [...]

Relaxing Lavender Blooming Bath Oil

Weighing Soy Wax 6
Finished Cuticle Oil It may still be February and I may be dreaming of sunshine, grass and gardening but outside my window are still piles of snow. You know, it is funny. I seem to do this to myself every year. I get impatient for the next season rather than enjoying the current one. Would you [...]

Easy Cuticle Oil with Orchid Extract

Weighing Castor and Jojoba Oil
Finished Massage Bar Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I can’t believe it is almost here! The year just seems to be flying by. Today I wanted to make a simple massage bar that is easy to travel with, gentle to apply and gives the skin a nice, dewy feel. Come join me! Ingredients Castor Oil Colorless Jojoba Oil Dimethicone Conditioning [...]

Making A Simple Sensual Massage Bar

Valentine’s Day is next Sunday and I am super excited. I plan on making sugar cookies and frosting them with pink frosting and spending the rest of my weekend lounging in my chair with a book and a warm cup of tea. The perfect addition to my weekend plans would be a bath with a [...]

Valentine’s Sweet Tub Tea

The Finished Scrub 2
The Finished Scrub! Gorgeous, right? We have had a few storms roll through Northern Utah and it seems likes all of the moisture has been rung out of the air. This means everyone is suffering from really dry  skin. Today I wanted to make a body scrub that would gently exfoliate the skin and help the [...]

Easier Than Pie Body Scrub

Completely mixed milky tub tea! Baths are a rare treat for me. I don’t often have time to enjoy one fully so instead I skip through the shower. So when I discovered I have an upcoming weekend where my time hadn’t been scheduled, I penciled in a personal spa day. These days are where I go [...]

Sweet Milky Tub Tea