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Finished Super Cuticle Cream
Finished Super Cuticle Cream Good morning everyone! 🙂 Today’s blog is a recipe for a cuticle cream that I just had to share. I hate to admit it, but I am a nail biter, and I have been ever since I can remember. The cold Utah weather and nail biting is a deadly combination that results [...]

Super Cuticle Cream

Finished Foot Soak
Beautiful Photo of White Pine Lake in Logan Canyon, Utah During Summer there are so many fun activities that you can do! Most of which, involve the beautiful outdoors. This past weekend I went on a hike to White Pine Lake here in Logan Canyon. In total it was an 8 mile hike. I had so [...]

Sore Feet Foot Soak

Up Close Picture of Tea Tree Face Mask
Finished Tea Tree Face Mask Being the 20 something year old that I am, I still have to deal with acne. I wish it would just go away but I can wish all I want and it’s not going to change a thing! Lately I have been using Tea Tree Oil to treat my acne. I [...]

Tea Tree Face Mask

Toes in the Water 4
Toes in the Water Lately, on social media, I have been seeing lots of videos of bath bombs being shared. I saw one that got me real excited! It was blacker than night, after it had dissolved it left the water a really dark black. I thought that was awesome so I attempted to recreate it! We [...]

Black Bath Bomb Fun!

It’s almost the 4th of July! I hope everyone has planned a weekend filled with fun. I am going to be spending my 4th of July around the campfire and watching the fireworks with good friends. I can’t wait. Here is a recipe for a fun 4th of July project. Red, white and blue bath [...]

Firecracker Bath Salts!

6N02TAH-CrocusBodyPolish-9 1
I love using my imagination to transform my humble bathroom into the perfect spa getaway. The right music and right scents go a long way to creating a spa like ambience. I’ll even go so far as to dim the lights to complete the transformation. Today I wanted to create an easy body scrub that [...]

Crocus Body Polish – A Spa Story

Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub 4
Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub Alright. So there are days I like to consider myself fairly adventurous when it comes to food. So when I saw a recipe online for a Salted Lemonade, I was both horrified and curious. Salt? With lemonade? Say it isn’t so! Well, I just had to try it. The first time I [...]

Salted Lemonade Lip Scrub

Finished Hand Scrub
Finished Hand Scrub Today’s recipe is a Cool as a Cucumber Gardener’s Hand Scrub! As the weather starts warming up I find myself out in the garden every weekend. Pulling weeds and planting flowers and vegetables. By the end of the day my hands are so dirty, sometimes soap and water is just not enough to [...]

Cool as a Cucumber Gardener’s Hand Scrub

Finished Blueberry Lip Scrub We are going to start out the day by making a Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub. After making that delicious Fresh Blueberry Lip Balm I want to try the Blueberry Flavor Oil in a lip scrub. I think that often people underestimate a lip scrub. They are awesome! I always use a lip [...]

Fresh Blueberry Lip Scrub

Fat quarters of fabric. Good afternoon everybody! After yesterday’s blog post I got to thinking. What if someone wants to make some Milky Tub Tea for Mother’s Day but doesn’t have any heat and seal tea bags around? So we started brainstorming and ended up with a great idea! I went to our local craft store and [...]

Fun Tub Tea Bags