It has been so long since I have made soap that my soap bucket has gotten dusty and my immersion blender has gotten lonely! So, I have decided to fix that. I mean seriously, this is part of my job! Good heavens, you’d think I’ve been slacking. Because I have been in China, I sort [...]

Red, White and Blue Swirl Soap

The best kept secret just might be in your cupboard! Faye emailed me asking for assistance with a goat milk soap for mechanics. She asked for a little help particularly with additives. It can be tricky knowing how much to use of the scrubby additives. Scrubbing grains: Luffa is a soft, yet long and strong, abrasive. It [...]

Faye’s Mechanics Goat Milk Soap

Swirled soaps from this week!I’m excited to announce that starting tomorrow, I will be sharing a week long of making swirled soaps! Not just any swirls, but swirls that have been inspired by just a few songs in my music collection. I am very fond of music and if you were to visit me, you would [...]

Music Inspired Swirled Soap Series

Yesterday we made the chocolate soap that will provide the chunks for our cookie inspired soap. Now we will be making the “dough” part so we can have cookie soaps! I wanted to make a soap that looked like a realistic chocolate chunk cookie, so I decided to use Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance Oil to give the [...]

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Soap, Day Two

Good chocolate is a luxury here in Beijing and I’ve found myself missing being able to pick up chocolate chips for baking (and eating with peanut butter on a spoon). I decided to make a soap that would hopefully settle my addiction for chocolate and particularly chocolate chunk cookies. Since this is a two part [...]

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Soap, Day One

Wow, this has been a very easy and fun process of making decoctions and adding in the fabulous extracts into our cold process soap. I have deciced to do a ginger decoction now, so I have gathered my supplies and I’m ready to start, first I will clean and cut up some ginger root and place into [...]

Ginger Decoction