I really enjoyed the time I spent in China. It has really opened my eyes to different cultures, foods, and cosmetics. We are in the middle of the Chinese New Year and I was inspired to make a soap with the two colors that seem to paint every city during the Chinese New Year. Those [...]

Chinese New Year Swirl Soap

It has been so long since I have made soap that my soap bucket has gotten dusty and my immersion blender has gotten lonely! So, I have decided to fix that. I mean seriously, this is part of my job! Good heavens, you’d think I’ve been slacking. Because I have been in China, I sort [...]

Red, White and Blue Swirl Soap

The best kept secret just might be in your cupboard! Faye emailed me asking for assistance with a goat milk soap for mechanics. She asked for a little help particularly with additives. It can be tricky knowing how much to use of the scrubby additives. Scrubbing grains: Luffa is a soft, yet long and strong, abrasive. It [...]

Faye’s Mechanics Goat Milk Soap