Carrots 4
After completing the mushroom decoction I have decided to venture on and create a carrot decoction and ginger decoction. I have gathered my supplies and I’m ready to start cooking, first I will clean and cut up some carrots and place into a sauce pan, add water (I need at least 6 oz for the [...]

Carrot Decoction

Adding Olive Leaf Powder 2
I am so excited to use the Olive Leaf Powder today. I have had so much fun learning about all of these different botanicals and how they react in soap. So I went to open the bag. I am not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t what I discovered. The Olive Leaf Powder [...]

Olive Leaf Powder Soap

Adding Kelp Powder
When I first opened the Kelp Powder, I was a little unsure. Sure, I was in love with the color but I wasn’t so sure about the odor. It smelled salty and even a little fishy. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. What do you think? Will the odor come through in the soap? [...]

Kelp Powder Soap

Infusions, Tinctures, and Powders in Soap 9
We have been making Tinctures and Infusions with several dried herbs and with many of the powders that are available in the catalog. Today, instead of using the extraction method to get the properties or color out of the dried herbs or powders I would like to show you how to use them directly in [...]

Spirulina Powder in Cold Process Soap

Finished Soap 2
I wanted to approach today’s blog with caution. Red is a difficult color to achieve for clothes and finding soap stable reds has been a nightmare. I didn’t really want to make any assumptions because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Finding a good red is hard and having been disappointed before, I [...]

Madder Root Powder Soap