Soap Ready to Cut 1
We all have had a blemish at least once in our lives. (Some of us wish we had them less.) However, it is a fact of life that we all get them. I wanted to make a soap that was refreshing and useful in cleansing the skin. I used Tea Tree in this soap. Come [...]

Tea Tree Soap Bar

Weighing Oils 3
The other day I made the Tropical Rose Soap which I had to force through saponification because my temperatures were too hot. I was so in love in the color, smell and feel of this soap I decided to make another soap without the cosmetic problems my first batch had. Come join me this delightful [...]

Tropical Rose Soap 2

Finished soap. 4
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been able to ask my grandpa for stories about the fishing trips he used to go on with his buddies. Most of these stories bring a smile to my grandpa’s face and he can’t stop chuckling as he tells the story. After hearing some of these [...]

Grandpa’s Fishing Soap

Finished Soap 2
In the summer there is nothing better than a rich lather soap with oils from the tropics. Enjoy the splendor from a rich lathering soap with the luxury of Shea Butter. Tropical beaches with warm sand and cold drinks are now no more than a shower away! Who knew such a rich, extravagant vacation [...]

Tropical Rose Soap

Finished soap. 5
Yesterday I shared the Chocolate Mint Layered Soap. While it was fun to make the soap, I do have to say that chocolate and mint reminds me of the winter holiday season, not the summer! I decided to make another layered soap with chocolate layers, but this time I wanted to use a vanilla layer. [...]

Chocolate & Vanilla Layered Soap

Finished Soap. 2
Lately I have been craving any chocolate that I could get my paws on. (I mean hands!) Now, I truly mean any chocolate. Chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream, brownies, chocolate shakes, you name it. If it contained chocolate, I wanted it 10 minutes ago. 😛 I’m beginning to feel like I should [...]

Chocolate Mint Layered Soap

Finished Soap
Yesterday I made a Huckleberry soap. Today I will be using the same recipe but with an increased percentage of the Huckleberry Fragrance Oil. The soap smells so wonderful I want to go find a berry patch and spend the day grazing. 🙂 Just be careful using this soap in bear country. You might lose [...]

Huckleberry Soap – Day 2

Weighing Fragrance Oil
The other day Tina asked me to make two soaps using our Huckleberry Fragrance Oil. She wanted me to record my temperatures, time it took to trace and which one I thought smelled better. I couldn’t wait to get started. I love Huckleberries. A local wood fired oven pizzeria has a dessert pizza has apples, [...]

Huckleberry Soap – Day 1

Finished Soap 3
When I was in school, growing up here in Cache Valley, we would always cover some part of the valley’s history. Some of the stories I have not been able to forget. Ask any local here the story of Old Ephraim and you will be sat down to hear this incredible tale. Our valley was named [...]

Mountain Man Bar

Measuring Amethyst Pink 7
Birthdays are exciting and there is nothing as wonderful as a good birthday celebration. I wanted to make a soap that said all of that and more. I wanted a soap that remind the user of a party every time they use it. I decided to make a swirled soap with glitter that is scented [...]

21 Celebration Soap

Finished soap. 6
Finished soap.Last summer I was requested to make scent blend that was masculine, woodsy and clean smelling. After testing several scent blends I finally was able to make a blend that suited the recipient. The blend includes Siberian Fir Needle Essential Oil, Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil and Lavender Fleur (type) Fragrance Oil. I placed the [...]

Woodland Ice Soap