Melt & Pour Soap

Finished Tassi Lavender Soap With the many projects that we do in the blog kitchen, we sometimes end up with a bunch of partial bottles of fragrance oils. This collection is why all of the truckers who walk into our facility comment on how lovely it smells in our warehouse! Since it is the new year, [...]

Tassi Lavender in Melt and Pour Soap

Finished Jacob Melt and Pour Soap Today’s recipe is using our Melt and Pour Soap. This project is so simple that I would recommend doing this with the kids for last minute Christmas gifts. For this particular soap, I decided to use our Jacob Fragrance Oil because my husband’s name is Jacob. I find myself [...]

Transparent Melt and Pour Soap with Jacob

Polynesian Red is a lovely, uplifting scent.  I love that we put it into soap because I wash my hands constantly throughout the day and this makes it enjoyable.  I love to smell like Polynesian Red.  It is a very awakening, and almost sexy scent.  Any woman would love it.  The soap I made, I [...]

Polynesian Red Bar Soap

This melt & pour soap was super fun and easy to make!  We used Champagne Sugar Fragrance in it.  According to the catalog this fragrance is a mixture of the sugary fruits of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, orange, apple, banana, dew fruit and pineapple along with more scents in there.  It’s a really sophisticated, classy [...]

Champagne Sugar Soap

As you might imagine, it has been pretty busy around here lately. We have been trying to clean up the blog kitchen in our spare time. We make many different products with all the ingredients in the catalog, which means we have a ton of partial bottles of fragrance. We are trying to use up [...]

Red Grape & Blueberry Soap

Finished Calendula Petals Soap Good morning! I’m sure everyone has read the “About Katy” section and discovered that I am new to this whole soap making business. So when Taylor came to me with this project, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous. Now that I’m writing this, I can’t believe I was worried. Using Melt and [...]

Calendula Petals Soap

Finished Soap I love soap. Cold process, hot process and Melt & Pour. They are all amazing and there are certain techniques that work best for certain styles. One of my favorite things to do with Melt & Pour Soap is to make clouds of color throughout the soap. Come join me for a beautiful simple [...]

Cloud Swirls Melt & Pour Soap

You know how you get a craving for a certain food? Sometimes I get that way with color. All of a sudden I need to have something with that color in my life. A shirt, scarf or even a bar of soap! This week I needed something pink. Which I find rather amusing as I [...]

Melt & Pour Pink Swirl Soap