Notices and Alerts

American Theme Collage
American Theme Collage The 24th of July is coming up. While that might not mean anything to you, it is an important day here in Utah. The 24th of July is celebrating the day the Mormon Pioneers entered Salt Lake Valley in 1847. For us that means fireworks, barbeques, and lots of fun in the sun. [...]

Heads Up! Shipping Disruption

Our UPS guy is super excited about getting your boxes on their way to you! This is a UPS Service Disruption Alert. Severe weather in Kentucky and West Virginia has caused delays in packages being delivered and/or moving though the distribution hubs. UPS is working hard to continue service but they are also prioritizing the safety [...]

UPS Service Disruption Alert!

Beautiful Tuberose Flower. Photo credit to Chanae Anderson, 3
Beautiful Tuberose Flower. Photo credit to Chanae Anderson, Hi everyone! Our latest and greatest product today is Tuberose Fragrance Oil. Once upon a time, as some of you may remember, we once had a fragrance oil in our catalog called Kailua Bay. Well now days that fragrance oil has been discontinued due to IFRA compatibility. [...]

Introducing Tuberose Fragrance Oil

Bunches of Bananas
Bunches of Bananas This oil is BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! As you can tell I am super excited about this new flavor oil and you should be too! Bananas are one of my favorite fruit. They are so delicious and they are good for you too. Bananas are packed full of potassium and health-promoting flavonoids. This morning I [...]

NEW! Banana Flavor Oil!

Whole Pineapple
Whole Pineapple Today, the amazing product we are releasing is Pineapple Flavor Oil! I truly love pineapple for it’s unique, tangy yet sweet flavor. When Europeans first found the fruit in the Americas, they called them pineapples because of how much they looked like pine cones. Fun fact, did you know that it takes nearly 3 [...]

Introducing Pineapple Flavor Oil!

Fresh Blueberries 2
Fresh Blueberries I have recently fallen in love with blueberries. This all started on Tina’s birthday when I made her favorite dessert ever, blueberry pie. Even though it was my first time making a blueberry pie it turned out DELICIOUS! Just as delicious as this Blueberry Flavor Oil we are releasing today. Tina said, “As a [...]

Tasty Blueberry Flavor Oil

Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters
Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters Greetings everyone! Our new product of the day is a fantastic book called Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters by Marie Gale. Marie Gale has written a number of books about soaps and cosmetics and they are so helpful. This book goes over many different areas such [...]

Good Manufacturing Practices