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More Colors!

I’ve talked about mixing colors with the Water Soluble Colorant Kit, but what about colors that aren’t in this kit? Today, we’ll blend green.

Did you know that green is approximately 70% yellow and 30% blue? This means that I need to start blending colors at these percentages.  I’m going to find a color blend for tomorrow, since I’m going to make the Body Milk Gift Kit with Cucumber Fragrance Oil.  Yippee!

#1  Collect the premixed colors we made on January 12, 2009.  Today we don’t need to use the red, but we will be using the blue and yellow.  I also will be using Small Transfer Pipettes to stir and Sachet Cards cut in half for final color testing.

#2  For this testing session, I’ve also collected 3 small glass beakers with 70 mL of water.  You can use glass canning jars or other small jars.  I recommend using clear glass, so the jar or beaker can be placed over white paper and get an idea of what the color looks like.

#3  I’ve added one drop of blue color to each beaker of water.  I think this is my favorite point in testing colors, because the color swirls in water.  What can I say?  It appeals to my inner child.

#4  I’ve added yellow to each beaker of water. The beaker on the left has two drops of yellow, the middle had three drops, and the right has four drops.  Using the pipettes, stir the water and blend the colors together.  Darn!  The swirls are gone.

#5  All the color is now mixed.  Grab the Sachet Cards or clean white paper to make color samples.

#6  Drop samples of color on clean paper.  Compare the colors.

#7  Let’s compare the colors.  I think I like the middle color for a Cucumber scented Body Milk, because the 1 drop of blue and 3 drops of yellow looks the outside of a cucumber.  I think the top sample seems mostly blue, while the bottom sample seems too yellow.  What do you think?  Tomorrow we make green lotion!

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Starting with Color

Today, I’m going to show how you can mix a dye and keep the mixed dye ready for anything you want to do. We’re going to use the Water Soluble Colorant Kit for this post.

#1 Collect everything that you need.

  • Water Soluble Colorant Kit
  • Water
  • 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon (preferably metal)
  • new paper, preferably kitchen parchment
  • Paper towels for cleanup
  • Rubber gloves are highly recommended

#2 Measure dye, level spoon. Form paper to make a funnel for an easy transition, deposit dye into 1 oz Dropper Bottle.

#3 Add water up to the neck of the bottle.

#4 Place the tip on the bottle and cap. Now you can shake it to make sure the dye is completely mixed. Repeat with remaining colors.

#5 You are ready to go! I will use these premixed dyes in future posts.

Careful! If you don’t wear gloves while making these premixed dyes, your hands could look like this. Regular soap won’t remove the dye from your hands. I use dishwasher detergent granules, specifically Cascade. To avoid this mess, I highly recommend wearing rubber gloves.

This is my paper towel after wiping down the counter. I would recommend some Windex to help clean the counters. Clorox Clean Up with Bleach might be needed to clean any stubborn dye stains from the counter.

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