Melt & Pour Soap

Adding the Silver Mica. 4
Here at MMS, most of us really enjoy chocolate and for good reason! Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors across the world. I can’t forget the wonderful benefits of chocolate either! The two main alkaloids in chocolate, theobromine(thē’ō-brō’mēn’) and phenylethylamine(fěn’əl-ěth’ə-lə-mēn’), have positive effects on the body. They have been linked to lowering blood [...]

Fudgy Chocolate Melt & Pour Soap

Hi everyone! Kathy here again feeling like I need to redeem myself (see Blowing Bubbles!)! I decided to try embedding FOAMIES in clear M&P. Hope you enjoy it! Ingredients/Equipment needed: 20 oz Clear Melt & Pour Soap 2 tsp Pixie Dust Fragrance Oil (from MMS) 1 Sheet Foam Stickers-Fairy Twinkle (#106-908M, from Michael’s craft store) 3 – [...]

Another Embedding Tutorial from jaspersgarden

Supplies: Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Loofah Orange Pigment Powder Green Pigment Powder Yellow Pigment Powder Citrus Blend Fragrance Scale Pipette Rubbing Alcohol in Spray Bottle Mold Microwave safe Dish Instructions: 1. Cut loofah into 3 slices; small enough to fit into mold 2. Weigh and then melt soap base in microwave or double boiler (I used 7 oz) 3. Add Fragrance oil to melted soap. 4. Divide soap and pour [...]

Making Citrus Slices Using Loofah in Melt & Pour Soap ...

Some objects that can be embedded. 3
Once again, I have a challenge for all blog readers. Do you remember the Pirate Treasures Soaps and the Creepy Crawly Critter Soaps? My challenge is for you to send me pictures of soaps that you have embedded objects. The objects can be anything you can imagine! Soap, toys, coins, or other surprises. Rules: 1) Submit a [...]

Blog Reader Challenge

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I was looking for a bar of soap in the mechanical room at home since I needed another bar of soap. I stumbled across this bar of Melt & Pour Soap I made around Christmas. I was really surprised to see little spikes on the surface of the soap. Unfortunately, the pictures I took didn’t [...]

Spiky Melt & Pour Soap

My soap curls in the refrigerator.
My soap curls in the refrigerator.When I was just beginning to make melt and pour soaps, I struggled with getting my temperature just right so I wouldn’t melt my inserts. Along the way, I also discovered that the amount of moisture my inserts had also made a difference of how quickly my inserts would melt. [...]

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