Massage Oils

Weighing Castor and Jojoba Oil
Finished Massage Bar Valentine’s Day is this weekend and I can’t believe it is almost here! The year just seems to be flying by. Today I wanted to make a simple massage bar that is easy to travel with, gentle to apply and gives the skin a nice, dewy feel. Come join me! Ingredients Castor Oil Colorless Jojoba Oil Dimethicone Conditioning [...]

Making A Simple Sensual Massage Bar

Weighing Castor Oil 6
Finished Coconut Massage Bar On Monday I shared a wonderful massage bar recipe. It is light and leaves the skin dewy and soft. Since then, that recipe has received some rave reviews and also some great feedback. I had a few people ask if I could formulate something similar that doesn’t contain silicone oils. So I [...]

Coconut Paradise Massage Bar

Weighing 6
Finished Massage Bar There is great serenity in taking a moment for yourself. Whether it is in the morning, evening or sometime in the day, taking time to practice self care really helps with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Today I wanted to make some massage bars for everyone who needs that moment. Come [...]

Making A Simple Massage Bar

Weighing Fractionated Coconut Oil
Finished Massage Oil I am not a morning creature. It is with great reluctance I emerge from the refuge of my covers. I think even my poor alarm has gotten weary of the great lengths it must go to in order to rouse me each day. The poor thing. I have the greatest sympathy for anyone [...]

Light After Shower Shea Massage Oil

One thing I really enjoyed during my stay in China was visiting all of the beauty and personal care shops. Some of the items seemed normal, while others were very exotic. I saw products that were to help lighten the color of your skin. I saw additives like lotus extract, snail secretions, and even hydrolyzed [...]

After Exercise Massage Oil

Finished Massage Oil
I love answering the phone. It doesn’t matter whether it is the phone at work, my own, my friends or even my mother’s phone. I love answering the phone. I love the magic of being able to talk to someone who is states away. I also get to learn a lot.  Recently I have been getting [...]

A Spa Worthy Massage Oil

The best kept secret just might be in your cupboard! Linda has been dying to make an anhydrous body butter that has a high enough melt point that it can travel to hot locations in the summer. Let’s help Linda test a formulation that just may help her solve her personal challenge! Are you ready? Let’s [...]

Linda’s Body Butter