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Finished Rose Scented Cold Cream I adore going through antique shops and finding things that have history. Don’t get me wrong. I love the conveniences of the modern age but there is something romantic and elegant about the things that have survived hundreds of years. Lotions and cold creams have been made at home for a [...]

Rose Scented Cold Cream with High Lycopene Oil

Finished Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion
Finished Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion Yesterday I released a recipe for a Silky Smooth Shave Cream. Today I am going to share with you a recipe for an After Shave Lotion to go with that shaving cream. I wanted a lotion that went on thick but left you feeling softer than a babies bum and [...]

Silky Smooth After Shave Lotion

Filled jars of cooled Peach Body Cream. 4
Filled jars of cooled Peach Body Cream.When I have about 20-30 minutes available to play in the blog kitchen, I love to make lotions. It is a fun and quick project that replenishes my lotion & creams stash, allows me to help make sure my “guinea pig” (one of our programmers) has moisturized arms, and [...]

The Greatest Peach Body Cream

Tropical Dreams Body Lotion
Tropical Dreams Body Lotion Having spent some time in Florida for the HSCG Conference, I now have tropical getaways on my mind. I keep thinking about all of the amazing wildlife we got to see and wishing there had been time to visit a beach. Alas it was not to be on this particular trip and [...]

Tropical Dreams Body Lotion

Finished Cool as a Cucumber Lotion 2
Finished Cool as a Cucumber Lotion Summer time is just around the corner, and let me tell ya, I AM SO EXCITED! I love the warm weather and good times that the summer brings. So with that I came up with a nice, cool, summer time lotion. This Cool as a Cucumber Lotion is very moisturizing [...]

Cool as a Cucumber Lotion

Finished Massage Bar
Finished Massage Bar During the HSCG Conference in Tampa, Florida; Andee and I gave out goodie bags of massage bars and blueberry flavored lip balms. They were both a hit! If you want to make the lip balm for yourself, check out Katy’s fabulous post! Not only is it super easy to make, but it is [...]

Lemon Herb Massage Bar

Finished 2
Finished Summer Body Butter Stick For me, summer means that I am constantly on the go. There are campfires to sit around, trails to hike, lakes to splash in and grass to lounge on. It is really important that simple necessities can fit into my bag.  While I adore lotions the jars stay home on my [...]

Summer Body Butter Stick