Label for Monster Away Spray Okay, so we recently released the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil and it is fantastic! Katy promised that we would share how to make a room spray using the Fresh Strawberry Fragrance Oil so if you have been waiting for this blog, here it is! This fragrance is sweet, slightly tart and smells [...]

Fresh Strawberry Room Spray

Finished Perfume I love being able to make the soaps I want for my guest bathroom or the perfect night cream, but my favorite thing to spoil myself with is a handcrafted perfume. There are so MANY ways to make a perfume and you want to choose the right base for the container you will be [...]

Elegant and Simple Roll-on Perfume

I love spring time. There is something about watching the snow slowly melt and see blades of green make their way out of the landscape that is rejuvenating to the soul. Today I wanted to make a perfume stick that is the epitome of spring and rejuvenation. Come join me! Ingredients Soy Lip Solution Beeswax Green Tea & Cucumber [...]

Spring Green Perfume Stick