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Mountain Ash berries covered in fresh snow.
Mountain Ash berries covered in fresh snow.I love the quiet of New Year’s Day! My family has always treated New Year’s Day as a lounge-about-the-house, low key day. While the first day of the New Year is coming to a close, I hope that I can make the remaining 364 days worth it. I saw [...]

New Year’s Day – Looking Forward

Ha! I'm goofy and lovable. 7
Ha! I’m goofy and lovable.Read to the bottom. It’s important! Today is New Year’s eve. I know so many of you have a long list of things to do today. The crazy hustle and bustle is just not for me. Today is a time for putting on a roast to slow cook for the day. It [...]

New Year’s Eve – oh the silliness!

Taylor and Obie. He is exhausted! 2
Taylor and Obie. He is exhausted!WOW! In the last week we have had some major milestones (at least for me). On December 21st we celebrated Winter Solstice. This day represents a new awakening for me because the amount of light we receive each day will now increase! It is such a tough ride to [...]

What a week! What a month!

Sometimes we need to RUSH!
Sometimes we need to RUSH!When ordering your products on our website do you ever wonder how the REQUIRED BY DATE box works? Our dialog with Rebecca helped us learn that some of you may have questions about this service. Rebecca wrote to us “I will mention that the ‘required by date’ field made me really [...]

Required By Dates

Finished with our shopping adventure!
Ready to shop! Here in the United States we have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed to have many things that we consider to be basic – like clean water flowing from our taps. At MMS, we are grateful to all of our amazing customers who both inspire us and support us when [...]

Thanksgiving Shopping

Felted_Slippers 8
Have you ever wondered who does all the running to get orders out our door so quickly? I know I am sometimes curious about companies and how they operate. Well….. I have a new photo for you. Unfortunately it does not include all of our staff, someone has to hold the camera you know! We are [...]

Meet the Crew!

I just had to share how lovely our sage is looking at the moment. It is blooming right now! I love looking at it as I head into work each day. I got thinking about what I could use it in. If you had sage available to you, what would you make? I was thinking [...]

Our Sage is Blooming!

0N28-01 11
Over the weekend, I spent some time digging holes and planting some plants in the beds on the north side of our building. This took some time and LOTS of energy, but I’m excited to say I’m finished planting all of these plants! Now, you may be wondering what was planted, so I decideded to share [...]

Home Sweet … Sage?

Today when I came into work, the smell of paint was fresh in the air. Our painter had been in last night painting the walls. I had to take this comparison picture of both the new and old paint so you can see our beautiful walls. What do you think of this new color? Personally, I [...]

New Paint!

Click to enlarge. 1
Click to enlarge. Since we have just moved, I have a new map to our new location Directions from Salt Lake City: Follow 1-15 North to Brigham City. Take Exit 362 (1100 South) into Brigham City and take the right fork of the exit. This will put you on Highway 89. After you get off I-15 you will [...]

Finding MMS in Nibley Utah

Click to enlarge the picture.
Click to enlarge the picture.As I mentioned on May 4th, our new building uses Insulated Concrete Form walls which gives us insulated walls about 14 inches thick. There are 3 inches of insulating foam on the outside, then 8 inches of concrete and another 3 inches of insulating foam on the inside of the building. [...]

Cool Facts about Our New Building

I am excited to tell you we are finished moving! We moved in the equivalent of 26 trailers that were 53 feet long. Whew! I am glad that is over. Thank you for your support during this move. We are shipping orders, so keep an eye out for packages headed your way! We are processing the [...]

The Move is Finished!