Choosing a container can be hard!
Choosing a container can be hard!I love creating and making new recipes as well as using bases of lotions, butters, and scrubs. The next best thing to making products is trying to find a way to contain the finished product! If you are like me, you have a space for all of your containers and gift [...]

Containers: Does One Size Fit All?

Adding fragrance oil. Salt Potpourri.
Salt is a very diverse product. I use it for cooking, topping popcorn, mixing scrubs and even making salt potpourri. Salt potpourri is a simple way to incorporate your favorite scents into any space. I think that salt potpourri makes it so you don’t have to worry about hiding the bottle of room spray because [...]

Salt Potpourri

Finished room spraysSince I had a gaggle of kids hanging around making all this really fun stuff, I thought that room/body sprays would be another fun project to do. The hardest part about making room/body sprays is deciding which fragrance to choose. While the kids took their time sniffing each fragrance and picking out one [...]

Summer Fun with the Kids: Room/Body Sprays

Masks. What a super easy and fun activity to do with your kids! My teenagers love to create and use their own clay masks. They love clay masks so much that I often find containers in their bathroom with the residue of their clay concoctions clinging to the container.  Kids! Today I will show you how [...]

Summer Fun with the Kids: Clay Masks