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I started thesage.com in 1996 with the help of my husband. Now I get to help people make all kinds of soaps and bath and body products. I think my favorite things to make are lip balms and lotions/creams. Of course I get most of the soap technical support questions because that is my strong knowledge area. Glad this blog is here!

Patchouly scented soap on the left and control on the right. 2
Patchouly Fragrance Oil scented soap on the left and control on the right. Don’t expect a discoloration with our fragrance oil. How do you spell the name for this deep, long-lasting scent? We have recently been asked to change the spelling of our essential oil because we spell the name wrong. All three ways of spelling patchouly [...]

Patchouly, Patchouli, Pachouli

Don't get caught with your potatoes half peeled! 1
Don’t get caught with your potatoes half peeled! When it comes to explicit instructions of how to follow a procedure, you can’t skip any details. Part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is writing a good instruction set for anyone to pick up your job and make exactly what you make. I’m not sure where this photo [...]

GMP or Potatoes?

Is this your mother’s gift basket?Last January we received this note in our INBOX. “Hello! I tried to place an order today that was declined. My employer gave us $ 100 American Express gift cards for Christmas, and I wanted to use mine to pick up some more supplies. No matter what [...]

Gift Cards – their pros and cons

This is a very busy week for us and I just wanted to give a reminder that Boxing Day is not far away! To help give inspiration, MMS is adding a red label to every box we ship reminding all recipients to participate in this wonderful holiday. These stickers will ask everyone to: “Keep this [...]

New Stickers for Boxing Day

A few days ago I asked what people do for heat rash. Some good comments were made for our readers. I checked out the web for further reading on this topic. The Mayo Clinic site recommends menthol for cooling the skin and lanolin to help prevent duct blockage and stop new blisters from forming. I learned [...]

Heat Rash Follow up

Do you suffer from heat rash? Does someone in your family? Are there red, itchy bumps all over the skin? Are there more acne bumps than ever before? Do tell! What do you do to beat the summer heat and calm hot, sensitive and upset skin? We want to hear your solutions! We are [...]

Heat Rash – What to do!

We know how to calculate volume for the box molds, so far – so good. Do you know we get mold questions all the time? First I want to tell you that I am not a fan of dividers in soap molds. I think the bars become irregular and misshapen. When cutting soap I really [...]

Volume of my box mold

Today I am starting with volume. This word has many meanings in our daily lives. For our kids it means turning up the sound projection of the music. For people who work in purchasing it means a greater number of items for a lesser price per unit. For people who work in shipping it means [...]

Volume – can you hear me now?

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OK, I need to come clean. There is a four letter word that drives all soapmakers crazy. Sometimes they gasp when they hear it, other times they choke on their coffee. Of all the phone calls I receive this four letter word strikes more fear and anxiety into the lives of soapmakers than any other [...]

A four letter word problem

Ha! I'm goofy and lovable. 7
Ha! I’m goofy and lovable.Read to the bottom. It’s important! Today is New Year’s eve. I know so many of you have a long list of things to do today. The crazy hustle and bustle is just not for me. Today is a time for putting on a roast to slow cook for the day. It [...]

New Year’s Eve – oh the silliness!