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I'm a twenty something soap snob. I've grown up with hand made soaps and I love them! I really like making melt and pour soaps because they are so easy. My favorite scent is either Velocity or Cotton Candy. I tend to hoard fragrances, I even have an Earl Grey Tea from the MMS catalog. I won't tell you how old it is, but it sure is good!

Simple Sugar Scrub

I may not be the resident scrub addict, but I do enjoy the occasional scrub for my own personal pampering. Since my shower is *gasp* dreadfully bare of any fun products, I decided to remedy the problem with this fast and simple scrub that is perfect for gifts or personal use.

Finished Scrub
Finished Scrub

This scrub is wonderful because it isn’t excessively oily, and it feels sinfully luxurious! This scrub is a fabulous body scrub due to the fine grains of the white sugar. If you want to take the recipe and change it to a foot scrub, I would recommend using the Medium Bath Salt or Coarse Dead Sea Salt in combination with the sugar.

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Clear Lip Balm Tubes Are Back!

ClearTubesI am so excited and relieved to finally tell you that the Clear Lip Balm Tubes are back in stock! You’ve been asking just as hard as we have about these tubes and we finally have these fabulous tubes into our warehouse!

Now that these tubes are back, what are you looking forward to making most? I’m looking forward to making a Caramel Latte Lip Balm first!


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Summer Foot Soak

Do you know those days when you feel like you have been on your feet ALL day? I have those days and my feet can ache from all the standing, walking and flexing they have done. Good shoes can definitely help with long days on the feet, but I still want to soothe my feet at the end of the day. So I headed to the kitchen and whipped up this yummy summer foot soak to pamper my feet and help them feel better after those long days.

Finished foot soaks in bags and loose form.
Finished foot soaks in bags and loose form.

This multi-purpose foot soak is awesome because it can be bagged in the Heat Sealable Tea Bags for easy tub or foot bath clean up. It can also be left loose, mixed with a little water to make a paste and then used like a mask. Either way you use it, your feet will be treated to a little luxury!

Let’s head off to the blog kitchen and make a batch together!
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New Product Tuesday!

Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!

Recent rains have encouraged our gardens to grow and today, the rain has also encouraged our catalog to grow!

What are the newest products in the catalog?

We’ve added some new extracts after many requests from customers like you! What extracts are they? St John’s Wort Extract and Witch Hazel Extract! These oil soluble extracts are great additions to lotions and creams. Where would you add them?

We offer a really cool Free Gifts Program for our customers. If your item total qualifies, you can get awesome things like Coffee, Yummies, Mail Art, and Zany Fun Things. We have added 5 more coffees to the Free Gifts Program and they are F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! Try Aztec Dark, Ethiopian Arabian Night, Highlander Grogg, French Roast Blend or the Vienna Roast Blend today! I think you will find a new favorite just like I have.

6081599Frogs Soap Mold
These adorable frogs hopped into the office today with all the rain! Splish splash away and take a bath with a frog today.

White Kaolin Clay
One of my favorite clays! It is finally back in the catalog after a long hiatus. Kaolin clay makes silky soaps that have me sighing in delight. Try some today and discover what luxurious things clay soaps are.

I hope you enjoy the newest products! Which one are you looking forward to the most? Log in and comment on the blog! I’ve got some freebies for the first 10 people who comment!


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Behind the Scenes: Meet Katy

Do you ever wonder who the people are behind the scenes here at TheSage? Well, wonder no more and meet Katy!

What does Katy do?
Katy is a valuable member of our Shipping Team as well as our Production Team. If you ever call in with an order, Katy might be the one to take your order!


As all of our Phone Team gets asked some common questions, I asked Katy a few of the questions that you might ask us on the phone! I hope you find some inspiration in Katy’s favorites!

Andee: What is your current favorite fragrance?
Katy: Juicy Pear. I love fruity scents! Juicy Pear is just so fresh and fruity that I’m tempted to drink it. I settle for Juicy Pear room sprays and lotions instead!

A: What is your favorite flavor?
K: Green Apple is the best! It tastes like a fresh green apple that is slightly sweet and with just a little bit of sour.

A: What is your favorite thing to pack?
K: I like packing any of the ingredients that come in the big 55 gallon drums. It is very satisfying to pack all of the material into smaller containers.

A: What is your favorite thing about working at TheSage?
K: My teammates are awesome people! I know that we can work together to get things done quickly and efficiently. We always are there for each other and that makes work so much fun.

A: What are some of your favorite things to do at home?
K: I’ve been having fun gardening at home and getting my yard to look pretty.

Thanks Katy for talking with us!

I hope you enjoyed your Behind the Scenes peek with Katy! I’ll see you next week with another Behind the Scenes peek.


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Special Salt Lake City Meetup and Delivery!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be in Salt Lake City on June 13th and I’m offering a meetup with delivery for our Wasatch Front customers!

SLCJuneWant to come by and pick my brain?
I’ll be more than happy to answer questions or help you find answers!

Want to just talk soap with someone who gets it?
Come on by! I’d love to talk about soaps, lotions and other handcrafted things!

Want to pick up an order?
Place a Will Call order with a $75 product total or more. I will be able to bring your order as long as it is placed before the end of the day on Thursday, June 11th. Once you have submitted your order, call our offices with payment information and I will make sure your card is charged before I bring your order to Salt Lake City!

There is a $75 minimum order for this offer and you will be excited to hear that there will not be a delivery surcharge!

Where can you find me?
I will be at Salt Lake Roasting Company in downtown Salt Lake City from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Salt Lake Roasting Company Address:
320 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

Come say “Hi!” Come pick up an order! Come chat about soap!


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Spa Fusion is Back!

SpaFusionI’m so excited to tell you that your favorite spa fragrance is back in the catalog! Spa Fusion is back in our catalog and ready for you to get a bottle for your stash today!

If you are asking, what does Spa Fusion smell like? I polled the warehouse and this is what they say. “Fresh and clean!” “Green yet fruity.” “Yum!” “This what I think shampoo should smell like! Green, fruity, fresh and luxurious!”

I have to agree with all their descriptive words! This is a green spa scent that is cheerful and luxurious smelling. Imagine an early summer morning with a light cool rain with the fusion of musk melons and a hint of ginger and you have the energizing scent of Spa Fusion!

Pick up a bottle today and tell us how you would describe Spa Fusion!


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Weekend Special!

I am so excited for the weekend! I’m going to be visiting the local farmer’s markets and doing some desperately needed weeding. (There has been so much rain recently that I can’t keep up with the weeds!) Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

GingerRootTo celebrate the weekend, I’m going to run a special until 4 am Monday morning! Every order over $50 that is placed between Friday evening and Monday morning will get a FREE 1 fl oz bottle of Ginger Milk Fragrance. No special codes or comments needed! We’ll add it auto-magically!

I love this fragrance and I think it is a scrumptious scent! Don’t think of the harsh scent of fresh ginger, think of ginger that has been tamed by butter, sugar and flour in your favorite cookies.

Does it discolor? Only a little! This fantastic fragrance mildly discolors to a light tan and I think it matches the fragrance perfectly!

I hope you enjoy the chance to try a new fragrance with your next order!


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June 2015 Calendar

JuneJune is just around the corner and I’m thinking summer! Growing up and living in high mountain deserts means I’m not familiar with summer at the beach, but I am familiar with afternoon hikes and playing in the cold mountain streams.

June often means many of us are busy with craft shows, fairs, family reunions and vacations. Don’t forget to plan your orders around your play time! We’re fast at shipping your orders out and if your order is in by noon (Mountain Time) we will try to do our best to get your order out the same day.

We’ve designed this monthly calendar that you can print for your desk or workspace. Print out a copy (or two) so you know what holidays are around the corner!

Click here to download your copy now!

Do you have anything fun planned for this month? Let us know! We would love to hear about your fun plans!

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