Majestic Mountain Sage was created in 1996 to serve soapmakers and soap snobs with great soaps. We have always worked hard to achieve a sound and luxurious bar of soap, without breaking the bank. We have moved into lotions, creams, scrubs, perfumes, lip balms and many other toiletries. Our great enjoyment of these items is only matched by our enjoyment of sharing the recipes so others can create too.

Welcome to our newest method of sharing, this blog.

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  1. Hi everyone!!! first time blogger… i’m not going to bore anyone with a ton of info. about me this time… i just got a question that i hope someone will have an answer to!!!
    i would like to make the shampoo gel listed in the recipe section of thesage.com website… i’m a lil leary about using the KOH… is there a substitution that cold be made for this?

    1. tphippen-
      KOH actually has less of a reaction than NaOH. Potassium hydroxide requires more material to do the same job. When it is added to water the temperature only climbs about 50 to 60% of the increase that sodium hydroxide will do. Don’t be afraid, we are here to help.

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