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Finished Creamy Shea Foot Cream This recipe is loosely based off of the Bookworm Tootsie Cream. The original recipe is a wonderfully thick cream laden with loads of goodies. While I did want to keep the goodie laden aspect of this cream, I really wanted the Semi-Solid Shea Oil and Aloe Butter to share the spotlight. The [...]

Creamy Shea Foot Cream

I love foot creams! I think my favorite evening ritual is to apply a foot cream to my feet, put on my socks and head to bed. While I wear wool socks during most of the day and evening (as well as year round), my feet still can get a little scraggly if I forget [...]

Simple Scent Free Foot Cream

Finished CreamI love the scent combination of vanilla and mint. There is just something soothing about it. I have a friend who spends all day on his feet, walking and standing. When he gets off work and gets home the first thing he does is take off his shoes. At least once a week, he [...]

Vanilla and Menthol Foot Cream

I walk everywhere I can here in Beijing. My feet have slowly adjusted to the walking, but they still can ache after walking on the concrete. I’ve come to enjoy the evening foot massage that I give myself. The menthol crystals give the cream a light tingle and cooling effect after the application. Let’s check [...]

Doubly Minty Foot Cream

Summer can be a great time to spend outside walking, biking and doing other activities that keep us on our feet all day. Sometimes after a long day of use our feet cry out “Sit down! I’m tired and sore!” When we finally get a moment to sit down our feet ache everywhere. Turn the [...]

Summer Time Foot Cream

Finished Cream Welcome back! Yesterday Andee featured our Argan Oil and I learned some things about Argan Oil. Did you? I loved the picture of the goats in the trees. That really made me laugh! Let’s head to the kitchen to make a foot cream with this wonderful oil!I had wanted to make a foot cream [...]

Thick Argan Oil Foot Cream

I’m sure at one point or another, we all have been up and running all day on our feet. Unfortunately, by the time the day is over, our feet hurt and we just want to sit. Now, you can sit and soak your feet with the Peppermint Candy Sticks Foot Soaks and then gently massage [...]

Minty Foot Cream

The dog days of summer are here, and we’ve been trying to stay cool despite the heat. Today, we’re going to share a few tips on how we stay cool. Dog paws on the ground Here are a few tips! Always take water with you to help prevent dehydration. Don’t forget water for children, pets, and even forgetful [...]

The Dog Days of Summer – Part 1