Wednesday Wisdom: Puppies, Laughter and Anti-depressants 8

You know those days where you don’t want to roll out of bed, and you would love it if you could just pull the covers over your head so you could hide from the world? I have days like that too. That being said, my silly dog, No Sir’ee Bob doesn’t think I should have days where I hide from the world while being sad.

The world's best antidepressant has 4 legs, a wagging tail, and comes with unconditional love.

How can you resist such an adorable face?

If I’m having one of those days, No Sir’ee Bob will stick his nose right under the blankets to lick my face! It’s impossible to feel sad when you are screaming with laughter and trying to cover your face from a 100 pound Goldendoodle who wants to get you out of bed to go on an adventure with him. The sadness isn’t always because something bad has happened, but sometimes it’s because my brain doesn’t make enough of the neurotransmitters that I need. This is why I need my dog (puppies), laughter, and even the anti-depressants. It’s not that I’m broken, I just need to give the signal a little boost.

So, I have a challenge for all of us today! Share the stories and pictures of the things that make you laugh each day. If puns make you laugh, share away! For every customer who comments, I’ll send you 4 fl oz of either Cupid’s Kiss or Lemon Cookie to play with! You get to pick!

In the meantime, I’ll send some wet No Sir’ee Bob kisses your way. After all, he’s got the fastest tongue in the west and he can definitely share the love!


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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: Puppies, Laughter and Anti-depressants

  • Susan Claire

    The two dogs you see as my avatar are the reason I get up every morning-not just because I love them, but because they want to eat NOW!

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  • Ms. Mary

    Whenever I get overwhelmed with worries I go to my piano and organ and play music. It works for me!

    I sent a picture of my organ and piano by way of reply to the Blog email that was sent to me.


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  • Tina

    With three dogs it is easy to get some lovin to keep you on your toes and energize. Of course they are especially attentive when they are hungry.

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    • Taylor


      That is so true! I have one that barks come meal time because he is positive we will let him starve! I have no idea why he thinks that!

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  • Jessica

    My kids always bring me a lot of joy. They are both very happy bubbly boys and whenever I am in a bad mood I just have to be around them to brighten my day! My dog helps too, she is the cutest Pointer ever!

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