Beautiful Botanicals Challenge Soap Submission – Karen

I find it fascinating when people are given the same basic materials but their finished products are completely different. That is one of my favorite things about challenges. Challenges seem to give people full reign of their creativity by forcing them to think outside the box. Check out what Karen thought of! 

I LOVE this coffee soap. I love coffee and it’s just the best to use in the kitchen and after gardening. I made a 4X strength coffee for the liquid and added the used grinds to the soap. A little TD to give it a beautiful creamy (yeah, I love cream in my coffee) swirl. I added a touch of tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender essential oils. This could be the perfect soap ;*) And, it’s just beautiful (in my coffee hazed mind!) And yes, it’s a botanical. Coffee comes from trees, so there ya go.

Want to join in on the fun? Don’t forget, you have until July 18th to strut your stuff and have a chance to win an MMS gift certificate!


Karen's Coffee Soap
Karen’s Coffee Soap
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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Botanicals Challenge Soap Submission – Karen”

  1. That soap looks fantastic! “TD” is titanium dioxide?
    Sounds scrumptious, and the swirl is great!

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