Spring is Here Challenge Soap Submission – Genny

One of my favorite things about living where I do is when spring comes, everything from the valley floor to the tips of the mountain peaks is carpeted in the most beautiful green. It is awe-inspiring. Genny thinks of green too, but of a slightly different version.


This is my Green Tea Silk Soap recently made with Spring in mind. It’s scented with Green Tea, because it’s got such a nice green & lightly floral scent that reminds me so much of Spring. The green color is completely from doing a very strong infusion of real green tea. I added a bit of silk to give it some nice silkiness to help wash away winter.

Genny's Green Tea and Silk Soap
Genny’s Green Tea and Silk Soap
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2 thoughts on “Spring is Here Challenge Soap Submission – Genny”

  1. Beautiful green! I’d sure like to know how Genny got that intense color? Oil or water infusion? Type & amount of Green Tea? Thanks!

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  2. Thanks Cee :) It was an oil infusion of just regular green tea from the dollar store. I filled a half quart jar 1/2 full of green tea, then filled it with avocado oil. I heat infused that for about 4 hours and strained it. I filled up the jar 1/2 full again & poured my already infused oil over it, heat infused for about 4 hours, strained it & repeated one more time.

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